Best movies in 1997

Good Will Hunting

Will Hunting was only twenty years old, but has been out of the hard-working class neighborhoods of South Boston’s environment. Like toil friends when you are hanging or not mixed into conflict with the law are not in the local bar. He never went to college, up to mop the floors as a janitor. Yet obscure historical references which brings back memories of their photographic and almost immediately solves a Nobel Prize-winning professors also perplexing math example. The only thing that is amazingly smart and impossibly angry young man is not able to bar fight after another kidumálja itself from the expected prison sentence. Her only hope Sean McGuire, a university professor became a psychologist who admires the boy’s emotional küszködéseit and understands what it’s like when a man’s life a constant struggle.

Donnie Brasco

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation staff in 1978 launched an extensive campaign against the underworld. To be successful, all possible means have been deployed. Including a built-in agent, who was left alone behind the front line. Joe Pistone environment known as a man, a dangerous new family as Donnie Brasco and accept the daredevil jewelry. An unexpected and unsettling friendship is formed between me and picked out a victim, Lefty Ruggiero, which can be fatal for both of them and. The film is based on true stories.


1912 is launching the world’s largest, most elegant, most secure putative ocean liner, the Titanic. The magnificent ship a wide variety of people traveling, including Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet), who came from two completely different worlds, but destiny brings them together. When the ruin racing boat encounters an iceberg, not only szerelmükért, but also in life maradásukért also have to contend with.

Belfast begin to build the world’s largest gőzhajóját, whose length is greater than the contemporary New York’s tallest skyscraper. The hull construction is taking place tight schedule and will last for two years, creating the interior decoration and it takes another year. The Titanic on April 10, 1912, a Wednesday, around noon leaving the port of Southampton, after two more stops to sail to New York. And although during the Titanic’s path many alert receive other ships that call the icebergs proximity to the cruise ship note on April 14 evening, 11 hours and 40 minutes when – just five days after he set off – conflict with an iceberg. On April 15, at half past three in less than three hours after the fatal crash is already resting at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Fifth Element

All five thousandth year revealed a gate between two dimensions. One of them is located in the universe and in him all kinds of life. In the other evil, which has only one purpose: to destroy your life. Only the mysterious fifth element, you can save the world from rising for five thousand years of destruction of evil. So every five thousandth eszetendőben the universe needs a hero. The XXIII. threats and furcsaságokkal century studded universe of New York, an extraordinary hero, Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) confronts the evil that mankind protect it.

The Devil’s Advocate

Demonic acting, film special treat. The last moments of surprises serves as one of the genre films of recent years. Kevin Lomax, a successful defense attorney has not lost a single lawsuit during his lifetime, because almost hypnotic power persuade the jury to save your clients. But not only in the courtroom, but his private life is lucky, charming wife, Mary Annel side. But nothing lasts forever. One day betoppan to a prestigious New York law firm and his agent tells him that his superiors noticed the incredible performance and would like to see the company’s staff. He and his wife travel to New York, where he soon meets a mysterious company manager, John Milton as well. The ambitious Kevin can not resist the temptation and accepts Milton brilliant offer. New chief way of life, power and sensuous female figures floating around the tilted out of balance. However, when you get a taste of celebrity lawyer to power, something changes inside. The victory becomes obsessed anymore and nothing else interests you. No sinister visions of watching his wife, who is increasingly seen stranger things, and feels that a heavy price to pay for benefits shining. Kevin increasingly difficult courtroom competitions fall through. Everything about the victory, but begins to fear. The gates of hell on earth Milton waiting for him.


Six very different and stranger finds himself in a surreal prison one day. Labyrinthine, mating, perfect cubes of space is filled with deadly traps tiny. Police and a robber, a psychologist and mathematician, architect and an autistic adult. Neither of them knows why he got there. Who created the maze, and why? Afraid of the unknown, and of each other. Until we find our way to the common thought and action, it remains little chance of survival.


Sean Archer (John Travolta) lives FBI agent performs the craziest action when medical intervention faces replaced the hated enemy, the coma Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage). The obsession agent so try to get out of the cruel terrorist öccséből where he hid a bomb threat to the city. But in the meantime the faceless Troy wakes up and hungry for revenge Archer’s face leaving the hospital.

Men in Black

Jay (Will Smith) and Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) are not special agent for the CIA, and it is not even working for the FBI. They are a much more secret agents of the organization whose job is to monitor the activity of an alien planet. Their clients, regardless létformától, names feared throughout the galaxy, and it would not allow when organizations experience a fatal conspiracy. A dangerous intergalactic terrorist wants to kill two galactic ambassador of Earth. The dark cops into action immediately in order to prevent the interstellar war.

Seven Years in Tibet

The exciting adventure film is based on true events. The world’s most peaceful country in the harsh yet majestic countryside away. Currently, only the hearts of the believers live. Tibet’s autonomy last years presents a film that shows the perspective of a European man in the legendary landscape. In 1939, on the eve of the Second World War, Heinrich Harrer, the famous Austrian climbers set off to climb one of the highest peaks of the Himalayas, the Nanga Parbatot. The cataclysm wind catches up with him and his partner, Peter. They had not suspected that a mysterious world, and then they appear. Their journey to success from high-leads a British prisoner of war camp. Worth an adventurous way to Lhasa, Tibet’s holy capital city, where the only foreign accommodate them as such. A fourteen year old Dalai Lama has shown a keen interest towards Heinrich. In the meantime hardly turn around in this strange land, they invited the Austrian climbers to be a teacher Lama: teach English, geography and customs of the Western world. The selfish and arrogant Heinrich’s life also changed in the encounter …


New York City every eight seconds, commit a crime. Across the river is the city cops, Copland, where Freddy Heflin (Sylvester Stallone), the sheriff, but the big city cops controlled everything. Freddy this time to choose: to protect and implement what the law imposes ideals. It is apparent double murder one night in a city police officer who had been a hero celebrated. Copland sheriff decides the truth and magánnyomozásba starts after the role models of urban cops, Gary Figgis (Ray Liotta) and Ray Donlon (Harvey Keitel).

The Edge

Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins), an aging millionaire, outside his pretty wife only a passion for reading. But the women – it seems – is less reliable than the books. Morse suspect that young fashion model wife, Mickey’s (Elle Macpherson) engaging in an affair mannered fashion photographers, Robert GreenNet (Alec Baldwin). Robert and Charles launched a joint outing, but plane crash over barren forests of Alaska. The aging millionaire and fashion photographer left alone in the wild depths. In addition, it will soon discover that each other does not count.


Facing Jeff Taylor and his wife, Amy California in the New Mexico desert carried through, thanks to an unexpected accident when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Jeff begins, to work on it in the car, when a truck driver is very helpful, Red Barr stopped next to them and offer help. From him know that a few miles away there is a host along the way, which can be addressed by the time Jeff decides to stay at the car, and Amy Redden is that Do this mechanic who is looking at the dzsipjüket. After a long wait but Jeff manages to start the car, and the listener does indeed find along the way, but his wife gone, and Red says that he never saw her. When Jeff announced his wife’s disappearance, eye inserts him about the strange disappearances are common in this area, and it soon becomes clear to him that someone kidnapped your wife, but I do not know who and for what purpose.

Hanta boy

Fletcher Reede is the worst kind of lawyer whose life of lies and tells the truth even when dreaming. Somewhat neglected her son’s birthday wishes, you can not lie to his father one day. Your request is met, starting from the moment Fletcher relentlessly and unstoppably honest. The trouble is that that day should get a very important hearing audacity to lie to win the case. A hilarious comedy Jim Carrey’s face struggles and overpowering every muscle’s movement.

Con Air Con Air

The convict an aircraft whose passenger list is compiled of the country’s worst bűnözőiből. Cyrus Grissom, the Virus (John Malkovich) and the others were sentenced to life imprisonment and killers who want to be transferred to the country’s most secure prison. One of them is Cameron Poe (Nicholas Cage), the amnesty released stormtroopers. He would come home to his family, but unexpectedly must acknowledge that the trials continue. Not the prosecutor, but the life resorted súlyosbításért; what awaits him in the next twenty-four hours, compared to the past eight years in prison small Miska. The prisoners are released and hijack the plane. Poe and knows no other choice but to regain control within a certain time limit. The police wracking their ground if they are not sorted because the devices that – possibly with an innocent – eltakarítsanak an air-load laundry.

Event Horizon

2047 en route. The reconnaissance spacecraft called Event Horizon, which disappeared years ago, is now starting to broadcast from space. member hurtling toward the source of the signal spacecraft elite crew of the missing boat designer, Dr. Weir as well. Their mission: to find and rescue the highest level of technique spaceship. But what they find is the highest level of interstellar terror. And what you should save for their own lives, because someone – or something – you want them lure of unimaginable dimension of horror.

The Man Who Knew Too Little

The American Wallace Ritchie (Bill Murray), his brother (also) wants to surprise, so betoppan living in England, his brother, James, you (Peter Gallagher) without any prior notice. However, the brothers just does not have time to deal with his brother csetlő-stumbling, so pay Wallace a theater performance in which the audience can participate in a fully realistic thriller works. The task is only to be a street phone booth to answer the call of the referee, and go to the specified address. The phone is also played, but the call comes in for a real assassin. Wallace started oblivious to fulfill the task, and thus begins the madness.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Anyone who thought that the millionaire John Hammond fossil park in the destruction of the incredible nightmare is over, the big mistake. The first adventure is a survivor, chaos theory-obsessed, Ian Malcolm from Hammond aghast informed that there is a second island. Hammond asks him to travel to the island and is studying the new life begins. He certainly did not want to hear about it, it comes from, when he learns that his girlfriend, paleontologist Sarah Harding is already the second base. On the island outside of dinosaurs and meet a girlfriend but others as well. A film crew and a fanatical hunter who has only a few fossil trophy missing from his collection. Ian will do everything to save his girlfriend and prevents the dinosaurs leave the island.

The Jacka

During the police action in Moscow, where the FBI is also involved in some of his men, he killed his brother in the Godfather. The Lord of the mafia terrible swears revenge, wants tetetni feet from the US President’s wife. It hired the world’s most professional assassin, known only as the Jackal. Preston Carter, FBI Deputy Director of the Russian police officer, Valentina Koslovával comes together with the phantom footsteps. Soon they realize that the only way he férkőzhetnek close when its former mate, Declan Mulqueenhez, IRA terrorists in jail for help.


The British Prime Minister legidétlenebb childhood classmate of Mr. Bean unbeatable pulling of faces first widescreen film again accumulates special fun activities. The Royal National Gallery are working our hero, where you want to kick off a scandal because of laziness. Senior patron of the gallery board, however, defended the president. Withdrawing from the market a bit, and sends warmer climate. Los Angeles art gallery of America’s greatest paintings are made present. Hollywood snobs are waiting for the event and do not suspect that arrives pastime bane, Mr. Bean. A wacko incredible adventures of British America: the fun is guaranteed.

Alien: Resurrection

Ripley sacrificed their lives in the struggle for extraterrestrial monster. The body, however, there was the germ of a new life – an alien creature. Two hundred years later, a genetic experiment result, scientists revive the lieutenant. But not only him cloned, but the alien queen inside as well. Their goal is to breed a “perfect weapon”. It is so successful, that the freed monsters invaded the fulcrum. Ripley and from the station from smugglers, including a special Callan waiting for the task to stop the aliens.

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