Best movies in 1999

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Concerns ruled the Galactic Republic. The trade routes to distant star systems in heated debates surrounded the taxation plan. take under the greedy Trade Federation battleship armed blockade of the small planet of Naboo. The Supreme Chancellor secretly dispatched two Jedi Knights, the authors of peace and justice to resolve the conflict and protect Queen Amidala. Soon, however, they should carry out an emergency landing on Tatooine, where they meet the young Anakin, whom overflowing of strength.

Fight Club

America’s great cities in the basement of a secret organization works: if a street at night in all public phone crashes, they were there; a public sculpture giant fémgömbje roll off its pedestal and disrupt a quick mess of is their work; If all cars from the parking lot of a bank’s terribly chic összerondítják doves – it’s no accident. Take care of your mail, take over telefonüzeneteinket, accompanied on the street; and only made the final fold: the Big Bang … And the whole thing just came up with two extremely bored good friend: We started to realize there is no better stress reliever than if thoroughly beaten each other. Slaps be good. Slaps get good. For them, this is the rule for a happy life.
The story of a well-off, but cynical and disillusioned young man recounts. We do not know the name, sometimes Jack (Edward Norton) calls himself. Self-knowledge involves treatment groups, yet is closer to true self and fellow human beings. Coincidentally acquainted with Tyler (Brad Pitt), whom discovers the missing features. Tyler is a special, secret society obsessed with trying to be overcome by the foundation of the world into chaos. The Fight Club fame soon spread among too soon prospered manager generation members who are waiting for more and more intense experiences. The only one who wedged between two kindred souls among a woman. Marla (Helena Bonham Carter) calls into question Tyler forced a masculine ideology.

The Matrix

There are two realities. One of our daily lives – the other is what is behind it. One dream. The other of the matrix. Neo desperately seeks the truth about the Matrix. From this mysterious and unknown something. Neo mendemondákból only heard about – but be sure that it’s inconceivable malicious thing and secretly controlled his life. Neo believes that Morpheus is surrounded by legends of the man who is considered the world’s most dangerous man in, showing her the truth.

One night, Neo meets a beautiful stranger, Trinity, who leads him into another world where Neo meets Morpheusszal and personally experience the truth of the matrix. Neon also has to find answers to a question that is as staggering as the first one. Is he the chosen? Even before felfoghatná what it is, Neo is certain that the question is not the answer. Others, like Morpheus mate Cypher agree. But there are also those who are not quite sure.

There are also defenders of the matrix. Led by the relentless and literally indomitable Agent Smith. The methods of matrix guards at once astonishing and frightening. Neo, Morpheus and Trinity Matrix carries against the evil guards and almost invincible death struggle to find answers to their questions, raise awareness true strengths, and get to know their fate. Every move, every second, every thought decisive significance in if they want to get rid of slavery matrix and destroy all that he represents.

The Mummy

Forbidden love flared high priest Imhotep and the pharaoh of ancient Thebes lover between the walls. Bűnükért high priest of Osiris and sentenced to death the girl. Worms lay the corpse of Imhotep bustling three thousand years lost city of Hamunaptra. In the summer of 1925, however, a few determined treasure hunter stumbles upon an ancient tomb. unintentionally freed spirit of Imhotep, an Egyptian priest cursed be revitalized. Rick O’Connell and other adventurers trying to get rid of the terrible curse that threatens them and resurrection of humanity from the horrors of the 3000-year-old spirit.

The Green Mile

Paul Edgecomb jailer Cold Mountain Penitentiary to serve as a house of mourning thirties of the last century. The E block sentenced to death are waiting to go through a death row – the corridor that leads to the electric chair. Edgecomb you think may have been no surprise. But everything changes when a new prisoner arrives in this block. The giant black man, John Coffey jury sentenced him to death for the murder of two white children. But the man did not seem murderer, in fact, a very special capabilities. Stephen King’s novel.

The Sixth Sense

Cole (Haley Joel Osment), six years old and plagued by nightmares. Nappalait nights and is populated by creatures who only he can see. The creatures speak to, touch, bombarded with requests Cole sees the dead. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis), a child psychologist. An earlier shoots were treated with abdomen and he moves to another city after the incident: hard to win back former self, trying to forget. Cole just trust in him: no one can talk about what you see, but the man slowly understand each other. But not sure that the psychologist could save the boy, the dead because more and more demanding. They want something from the baby.

Three Kings

The end of the Gulf War, American soldiers preparing to return home, some of them, however, no lack of civic life. A map found menekültnél turns out that the Kuwaiti gold bars depict his hiding place. Four soldiers, Archie Gates (George Clooney), led, armed to the teeth magánakcióba begin searching for treasure. Troy Barlow (Mark Whalberg) and his friend Conrad (Spike Jonze) will soon find out that the Iraqi reality is quite different than what the television newsreels see reports of happy.

Any Given Sunday

Whether it’s the people, no matter what lives, there will always be someone who is younger, faster and stronger. This realizes the aging Tony D’Amato, a four-year champion Miami Sharks football team’s head coach. The latest league team to lose three times in a row, fans depart, the time-tested, senior captain and star of severely damaged, but nevertheless insists gained fame in sports. Employer meanwhile, D’Amat broken marriage, her dissenter’s children and youth team co-owner, Christina Pagniaccival have to deal with. Pagniacci his father inherited the team and the marketing conditions dictated by keeping in mind the Sharks want to manage. In a losing team in a bad investment. Cap Rooney’s glorious past Sharks symbol, but is aging and struggling just to keep their own legend. When injured, the young quarterback Willie Beaman instead enter orbit, who both viewers and the team leader of amazed after a difficult start. Though D’Amato believes that the game “must be more than just a victory,” pragmatic “Steamin ‘Beam’ is only one thing to keep in mind: the victory and the huge revenue which is usually acquired during a professional player short career. D’Amato also squeezed so many sides: Beam ruthless desire to win, Christina Pagniacci financial sanity and Cap desperate attempt by to have returned to the path …

Sleepy Hollow

The eastern coast of Hudson spacious valleys lies one of the mysterious, secluded, quiet canyon, which is called Álmosvölgynek. A fabulous, magical land full of all kinds of local mendemondával, haunted places, Night superstition. 1799 is coming to an ominous day in New York to the latest scientific investigative methods Ichabod Crane Inspector committed to investigate mysterious cases occurred in the small village. Three very strange murders upset the peaceful tranquility of a small community. All three victims were cut off the head and the heads are gone … The villagers insist they know who committed the terrible deeds: none other than the legendary Headless Rider!

“The story-telling great master, Tim Burton (Batman, Mars Attacks !, Planet of the Apes) creepy and mesmerizing vision woven around the classic horror story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow true miracle. Bold, exciting, and packed with powerful images.”

The 13th Warrior

The Arab descent will meet the Vikings in Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan (Antonio Banderas) exile who drops because of their culture and manners not sympathetic to him. In addition, they do not believe any of the barbaric Northmen story that the Vikings land a mystical strain terrorizes whose members are devouring people. The prophecy that only he can defeat the terrible enemy when the next twelve northern thirteenth warrior is as a stranger. Fahdlan argument to the city is about to experience the evil of the enemy and the courage of the Vikings, who are ready to sacrifice their lives for each other.

The Thomas Crown Affair

Thomas Crowne own abilities made millionaire, can do everything that you want, and women can not resist. But there are things that do not give money. Thomas Crown has been a challenge for nothing. When one of the world’s most famous museum in the alarm goes off and someone walks out of the building one of Monet’s paintings of inestimable value, the last Crown, who gyanúsítana the New York Police Department. But someone still suspected: Catherine Banning, the brilliant detective who has been hired to recover the painting – at any cost. Catherine loves the chase as much as a man, and dig into the game. Crown found the challenge. They both live for the game, but only one of them can win.

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Deuce where you enter, there’s grass does not grow: Of course, because saving basins. In addition, full-time stupid and gutless bastard. But suddenly fall into his lap fortune. A gigolo-übermacsó ask them to go away as long, and take care of luxuslakására of valuable fish. Deuce was first said yes, then bankruptcy. The raze the house, killing the fish, then pick up the phone. And here begins the real trouble. The macho voluptuous female friends want to order a gigolo services. Deuce is small and paunchy, but the damage it causes can recover it, put on a sequined jacket and started to make money in spite of himself dzsigolóként.

Cruel Intentions

The millionaires live a carefree life of Sebastian and stepsister, lovely Kathryn vicious rivalry begins: the winner who can conquer the dust and trample the most heart. It is easy to position New York as a naive young people lying in front of both legs. However, the real challenge is to come, until he appears on the scene, Annette, who is determined to preserve her virginity until marriage do not go. Kathryn offers a bet: if you manage to seduce the jégkirálynőt Sebastiani, spend a night with him. Otherwise, however, the boy’s all-new Jaguar is at stake. It starts in the last game.

The Insider

Jeffrey Wigand (Russell Crowe) works as a senior research and development is one of the largest tobacco company. When the leadership is beginning to experiments aimed at speeding up the nikotinfüggés, Wigand protests for being fired. As a recognized scholar and insiders are absolute matter testimony is invaluable importance for the biggest trial of the century, which was launched against the tobacco companies. Lowell Bergman (Al Pacino) smart TV reporter manages to persuade a broken man to stand in front of the public, however, the tobacco companies have been relentless attack can not prepare.

Wild Wild West

The proud Southerners are preparing revenge after the loss of civil war. Being military is not new and ever more effective means of struggle to develop and work with the assassination of President Grant. The leader of genius and revenge-hungry veterans, Arliss Loveless (Kenneth Branagh). The think tank, and then kidnap the nation’s largest scientists to work towards a secret hiding place of the more formidable fighting Tarantula structure. The government’s two top secret agent sent to stop the rebels were determined to everything. One of James West (Will Smith), whose charm, quick hands and great Duma weapons. The other Artemus Gordon (Kevin Kline), who is in camouflage, intelligence and clever structures grandmaster. Initially, the two agents together rivaling him for the job cuts, but they realize quickly that against this opponent only in association with each other reach their goals.

Eyes Wide Shut

Dr. William Harford and his wife is a psychologist. As a member of the elite New York’s entrance are the brightest estélyekre. One Christmas party Alice begins to flirt with a man while her husband two sexy girls dally. In later they get together and make a series of temptations to test their loyalty to each other. When Alice says that sleeping with a hotel concierge, your husband feel must be avenged. Bill carry them to the events, a secret group of ties in which sexuality is more than a game to the senses. Arthur Schnitzler’s novel small film version.

10 Things I Hate About You

Bianca vain called her out of the area of the coolest guys. Not that it would be too reserved, but Morcom’s father took her mind that while Bianca’s sister Kat is sitting at home, his sister have been banned from partying. Kat, however insufferable, rude blanket, there is no one who would dare to do with it. While color does not go with a guy who wants to be better than the others Bianca. A little bit not to target holy hires Patrick Verona, this mysterious past, looking to be a fearless young man to seduce a bearish Kate. The plan is not simple, but the implementation is more complicated. Another love youngsters are being produced, the pair slightly rearranged, nobody understands anything, and finally, when everyone finds out she deserves.

The Boondock Saints

Connor and Murphy MacManus twin brothers who want a dose of courage do not go to the neighborhood. One day the party confronts Boston terrorized the Russian mafia and gangsters, as a result of two left dead on the spot. The police in sight, the boys were hardened criminals out of the way, turn a blind eye over the incident. Soon another public body of a dangerous underworld figures emerge, and there is a suspicion: the Twins continue their vigilante action against people believed to have untouchable mafia.

The Blair Witch Project

In October 1994, three college go ahead to make a film of the infamous Blair-witch, whose ghost is said to haunt the area has been two hundred years. the forest disappears without a trace three young people, but the camera is turned up a year later, inside the creepy movie recording. Today’s most popular cult movie was filmed and incredible success first in America and then the world amateur budget of $ 35 thousand – and revenues of only US cinemas exceeded 140 million dollars.

American Pie

Every moment comes once in the life of the young, when trying to relive the experience of growing up the most. Jim (Jason Biggs) and Chris (Chris Klein) is determined to still lose their virginity before graduation. Because time is pressing, for good cause everybody throws weight behind what he is trying different ways to approach target instance. However, there are, who you need to reach jótanácsaival father and an apple pie. The title cakes because the specific measure of sexual experience.

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