Best movies in 2001

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

After her parents’ death, Harry Potter foster parents brought up. A dire fate, Corner under the stairs and lives unbearable cousin. But soon it turns out that Harry is no ordinary boy, but a couple orphan wizard who only temporarily mingled with the essence unsuspecting Muggles Hungary. Now, stroll down Diagon Alley to attend a mysterious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry expertise. Some friends, some large and some adventure in her ancient enemy’s castle, but what is a first-year varázslótanoncnak? J. K. Rowling’s novel.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Frodo (Elijah Wood), a young hobbit Bilbo get a ring, which turns out to the One Ring, Lord of Darkness, which could push the enslavement of the peoples of Middle-earth. Gandalf (Ian McKellen), Frodo to Rivendell sent where the elves wisest leader Elrond will decide the fate of the ring. There is no other option, the ring must be destroyed in Mordor, the Doom-basin. The free peoples counsel renewed the Alliance and the leadership of Gandalf, Frodo and friends, the Dúnedain, Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), the Elf Legolas (Orlando Bloom), Gimli the Dwarf (John Rhys-Davies) and Boromir, the people represented, cut in hopeless mission. The future depends on how it develops the fate of the alliance.


Malaysia Chairman of the fashion world is very pronounced a death sentence. The President had also want to abolish child labor, which would reduce the companies’ profits, so would endanger the entire clothing industry and trade. You only need to find the right person for the job. And it could be more perfect for anyone Derek Zoolander topmodellnél? The guy is in a bad mood anyway. After three years, the rookie was inferior to rival the top models of the Year prize in the competition. You only need a small brainwashing that can be activated at any time killing machine to do with it. The failure and intervention prompts Derek to maintain self-examination.

Not Another Teen Movie

Here we go again on a film about teenagers, but watch out, there is nothing serious here! The choreography is the usual: the class takes two big thumbs up to the ugly girl manage to carve out a nice girl. What is successful, the bet is a winner in love embellished ugly, ugly turn, the embellished find out everything about the bet.

A Beautiful Mind

1947 en route: Forbes Nash Jr., John arrives at Princeton university to study mathematics. The mysterious West Virginia genius nor pedigree school’s past, not enough money is not enough to be included within the scope of the elite students. But for a social life means nothing – neither the visiting hours. The eccentric boy interested in one thing: finding a completely original idea.
The relentless competition for math majors, and many would welcome Nash downfall. Yet just give him the necessary boost to the rivalry: a night at the local bar observing how the boys compete for a blonde girl, and the idea that so long haunted fields. He wrote his thesis on the játékelméletről – the mathematics of competition – which boldly opposes Adam Smith, the father of modern economics, doctrines. 150 years of accepted thought the world suddenly seems outdated, and Nash’s life is changed forever. Won a prestigious scholarship and get a teaching post, but not satisfied. Science has played a significant role in America’s victory in World War II, and now, at the peak of the Cold War Nash wants to task the new conflict. His desires are fulfilled, when you turn up the mysterious William Parcher and give him top-secret assignment: to decipher enemy codes should be.
Nash throws himself heart and brain to work. But on the other hand it is waiting for his heart problem. It meets the beautiful and brilliantly clever Alicia, who was described by Nash for a hitherto completely unknown concept: the love. They marry, but Nash can not intervene in consort double life. But this work, danger and secrecy heavy price …

The Fast and the Furious

Dominic is one of the leading figures in the streets of Los Angeles regularly taking place in illegal car races. In these Pulley with beefed-up local marching cool dudes bebizonyíthatják the girls that yes, there is blood in the pucájukban. They shall run super cars on the roads, and this is of course the local law enforcers are not frowned upon. In this world, it drops into the young Brian. A real newbie may not slothful to call Dominic competition. No one suspects that in fact undercover cop who wants to shut down a truck for raiding team. Something tells him, you must seek the perpetrators among friends and Dominic.

Black Hawk Down

1993 October 3, the American paratroopers were dropped in Mogadishu, capital of Somalia Captain Mike Steele (Jason Isaacs) leadership. A civil war veteran warlord and aides were targeted. A 45-minute lightning-wide action planned 16-hour turned into a blood bath. 18 soldiers and two Hawk (Black Hawk) helicopter-type battle the Americans lost. The action failed cease-ordinated actions of the Somali American public opinion in the home.

Planet of the Apes

An astronaut performs a forced landing on a planet where he finds himself in shortly after fleeing people. As if on its head would have been in the world – this strange planet of people in inferior races who are against the strong dominant monkeys are hunted held. Captain Leo Davidson sudden appearance of a challenge against the status quo and is the first step toward a revolutionary change.

A Knight’s Tale

William Thatcher (Heath Ledger) is not only an excellent bully, but also first-class dizzying, whose rank is just a complete lack of success. Since the room is not every bush, then one is lying to himself when Sir Ector created a jousting tournament on the right passed away. He picks up the armor and win the award on behalf of his late master. Soon one of the tournament merry go with his friends to another, and William will be a real star. But the lovely Jocelyn try to turn his head completely, which is a dangerous and jealous enemies to gain. In addition, Count Adhemar (Rufus Sewell), the black knight discovers that a rogue led by the nose of the sports-minded nobility.

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941, the Second World War turning point in the history of one of the bloodiest battles of the Japanese air force attacked America’s Pacific fleet. The attack had numerous victims, massive destruction wrought: take long for the US military recovered from the blow, and prepared for revenge. This is a film of this attack and battle history, but also a story of three young well. Those who, while in the midst of the terrible history of bloody events puts them would live their own lives – it is not easy. Rafe and Danny are best friends: since childhood wish to become pilots together. Both of them soldiers, were both stationed at Pearl Harbor. And they both love the same girl. The Japanese machines and headed for Pearl Harbor.

Ocean’s Eleven

There are three basic rules: no damage, and no one gets the injury and play like you would not lose. Danny Ocean (George Clooney) has been working 24 hours a new boldest plan to date after a conditional release. A great night of boxing match in Las Vegas wants to rob three largest casino. The band is full of interesting people. We are all professionals who know the stakes of $ 150 million. The fact that the three casinos the same owner (Andy Garcia) and Ocean’s former wife (Julia Roberts) acting lately, I suspect none of them.


George Jung (Johnny Depp), the American dream in its own way it is implemented. You see a great deal in cocaine and was the first to import, even in large quantities to the United States. Soon a huge wealth gains, can do anything, whatever you can get, except one. The beautiful Mirtha (Penelope Cruz), the love is priceless, even for.

Artificial Intelligence: AI

The XXI. mid-century life in a new type of humanity in its létükről know that computers make it perfect. These machines help get through natural disasters: the melting of the polar jégpáncélok and coastal areas of the continents covered by water as well. The robots operate computers and one of them, an android in the evolution of new machines worth step: creative feelings confer. The film of his emotions trends and reactions of the people around them is, that can be a computer-man over machine.

The film of the XX. director of one of the largest private company, according to the 1999 Stanley Kubrick, who died last film’s design was. Kubrick had ever invited the settlement is the only person who thinks this dream canvas able to conjure Steven Spielberg, et. The two seemingly very different, but undoubtedly large format film director joint work of the history of one of the most beautiful and shocking creations were born.

The Mummy Returns

1933, London: Ten years after the traumatic events of the previous story. The archaeologist Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser) happily married Evelyn (Rachel Weisz), and eight-year-old son, Alex (Freddie Boath) in London. The British Museum rest Pharaoh Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) wakes up again after the curse is broken accidentally. The vengeful pharaoh’s mummy wants to regain eternity. However, a larger force than he has resurrected the same time: the spirit of King Scorpion. The world’s two encounters unspeakably evil power in the ancient capital of England. The youngest member of the O’Connell family is the key to the fate of the world.


Where was upon a time, in a far away swamp, intimate solitude lived a grumpy ogre, who was called Shrek. But the green monster retired and lives turned upside upset one day a strange event: the fairy-tale creatures infested swamp – and surprised the unsuspecting hero.
The Three Blind Mice futkározott the dinner, the big bad wolf was lying in his bed, the Seven Dwarfs Snow White’s coffin his desk before the hut, there milling about three homeless little pigs and all kinds of other magical figures who have been driven from their homes by evil Farquaad Lord .
So Shrek went to the great Lord to reclaim marsh, but first you have to save Fiona from the clutches of the terrible fire-breathing dragon princess to marry Farquaad, and thus become king …
The great adventure of the ogre companion is there: the talkative Donkey, who would do anything Shrekért, except for one thing: all the world is willing to keep his mouth shut. Soon it turns out that the problem is much bigger sárkánynál Fiona strange secret …

The new DreamWorks animated film is irresistibly fascinating figures of, hilarious humor, clever turns of stunning visuals with fresh vigor and action movies to shame the excitement of the summer cinema sensation of a real family.

Monsters, Inc.

When adults leoltják the nursery lamp, a closet for monsters hiding to scare the little ones. That every child knows. He, however, fewer people suspect that the figures are not so horrid hooting because they enjoy. Simply this work. Sully, the giant fur is one of the most successful employees in the company, he Monsters, Inc.. Csúcsrémisztője. Assistant, a small, plump, and one-eyed Mike Wazowskival people traveling around the world that screams, thereby raising the world of energy. However, the two-reaching frightening weekdays neck and crop turned out, when a little girl named Boo world of monsters wrong.


The world’s worst villain Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) escaped from Florence and the wealthy live a happy life. One of the victims, human wreckage as vegetating millionaire Mason Verger (Gary Oldman) seeks revenge hungry bloodthirsty doctor. A witness again after the emergence of hope opens it to capture Lecter, but only one person who was able to lure America: Clarice Starling (Julianne Moore), an FBI agent. If you manage to persuade him to re-let it be of man-eating followed psychologist, Hannibal finally comes out of hiding to finish the deadly game.

American Pie 2

In the second part, again with a fancy company now beyond the secondary school and beyond inauguration of male experiences. But the experience is never enough, so the pie intimate relationship nurse Jim, a chivalrous Oz, the secret is still Vickyért lovesick Kevin, hormonally overdriven Stifler, and Stifler her mother specializing Finch chooses: the duration of the summer vacation in a house rented by the sea and coast -zónává into the coastal zone. Indeed, a party worth having a party, adventure followed adventure. Oz would like to know the phone-sex pleasures of just studying for Heather, but something always disturbs the virtual Romp. The eternal eccentric Finch Stifler’s mom is looking forward to the next Stifler girls’d like to explore and Jim will visit music camp, that kind of music is not exactly take lessons from Michelle before you arrive bohemian party-ranches Nadia, the Czech bomber. What should we say more? This pie everyone will healthy meal!

Jurassic Park 3

Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park recovering from what happened, and with renewed vigor researching new theory about raptors intelligence is correct. So you can not resist the temptation when a wealthy adventurer promises lavish support his research – where Grant will accompany them on a flying tour of Sorna island, which was the In-Gen genetic breeding establishments, and where the second part, terrible things happened. But when it turns out to be an adventurer and his wife did not just want to admire the island from above, but also want to get off, take a tragic turn of events suddenly. The seven survivors struggles to survive, and soon also to find out what was the real reason that Grant lured to the island.

Scary Movie 2

The madness continues from where the first part left off, continue to follow the fate of Cindy Campbell, who is now a university student. A mad professor brings him and a few adventurous fellow student secretly a weekend of fun under the pretext of some kind of science experiment. This weekend shocking than ever before and many extra-curricular events foolishly follow each other, not to mention the hilarious surprise on that guarantee non-stop fun.

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