Best movies in 2003

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Gandalf (Ian McKellen) Pipinnel (Billy Boyd) Gondor gallops to Denethor (John Noble) prepare túlerejével against Sauron. King Theoden (Bernard Hill) merge the armies of Gondor emergency calls. Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) finally agrees fate, and his faithful companions battle calls live in the mountains dead. However, until the fate of Middle-earth will be decided elsewhere. Frodo (Elijah Wood) and Sam (Sean Astin) to Mordor Power ring of dark intricacies of touring. But the closer they are to the mountain of Doom, Frodo the more you pull the terrible weight of the ring. The fate of the world is in the hands of a tiny hobbit who doubt that can stand the greatest ones overcoming temptation.

Tears of the Sun

Lieutenant Waters (Bruce Willis), the elite commando soldier, who was sent to Nigeria to help evacuate American citizens stuck in there. But from the moment you arrive, everything is transformed. Doctor Kendricks (Monica Bellucci) is not willing to leave his charges those who do not follow America. He persuades the reluctant soldiers to refuse orders and accompany them to a secret path to Cameroon. Along the way, a man joins them, who will soon turn out to be a rebel militia chased.

Scary Movie 3

It all begins when a tireless researcher news reporter Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris) is a large-scale television comes in the midst of a tough-looking story followed. Soon the entire planet menacing, monstrous series of attacks on evidence emerges. Great, pervasive conspiracy Faced with constantly, strange men on the corner of chasing Cindy must take the fight to prevent the evil that tries to place the world under his control once again – as the story threads it weaves the film that single occasion se miss you a quick twist of the original films parodied memorable scenes set shame.


In a heavily guarded prison for many women is awesome institution, psychologist de Miranda Grey (Halle Berry) as job more exciting professional challenge. One evening, seeing a wounded girl on the road pulls aside the government, but by the time he wakes up again, the work place, you will find yourself in jail, but on the other side of the grid. They say he killed her husband. They claim to be crazy.

Johnny English

England’s final hope Johnny Angol, the last British spy still alive. He is the only one with a chance to defend his country, to avenge the genocide of the Secret Service, and expose the monster who wants to make it in the hands of the once mighty empire eternal symbols of the Crown jewels. Angol Johnny does not know what fear is. You do not know what the danger. He does not know anything. The kétbalkezes- pan and secret agent finds a clue yet. The prime suspect Pascal Sauvage, a mysterious French entrepreneur and attractive Lorna Campbell.

Final Destination 2

Death is working on a strict plan. Those who pick herself up and to not hide can not hide: You must say goodbye to her life. The nineteen Kimberly (A. J. Cook) thanks to a special series of coincidences got away with an awful autószerencsétlenséget. Companions died, but his death had jumped to mind. In fact, if this were not enough, the mystical intuition can help you save additional lives. But death does not like to play with it. And the survivors become victims of strange, unexplained accidents one after another. The 180 passengers and flights former Kimberly join forces to help others and save themselves.

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

The two figures idiot, Dumb and Dumber returns to the screen that the previous successes achieved in the high school auxiliary class in high school now be repeated. The simple fact duo decides to show you are able to attend regular classes as well. The noble intentions of course, run up against the school director preparing to hit $ 100,000 and the mean-spirited Aunt uzsis raising money manőverébe.

National Security

Earl and Hank, one of the Twelve, the other is not enough. Both common is that they kicked out the police. However, both the blue jacket attraction of living, and a security guard company from defaulting. Accidentally drop this into the biggest bűnügyébe lives: investigating a smuggling gang Nash (Eric Roberts) and his gang after. They enjoy persecutions, worship explosions, rendőrösdit love to play. Just they hate each other. But if you do not strangle each other, if they survive all the dangers, half of which would not have if they were not so clumsy, maybe they succeed, which is not real cops, catch the smugglers.

Saints and Soldiers

The film takes place during the Second World War, the Belgian front. Four US history and tells the story of a British soldier who randomly huddled together behind enemy German lines after the notorious Malmedy Massacre, during which seventy prisoners of war were fired heap near Malmedy in Belgium.

Taxi 3

Marseille will never be peace until Daniel (Samy Naceri) out of the taxi did not move. Inspector Gibert (Bernard Farcy) and enthusiastic, but fully dysfunctional team trying to maintain order. Another armed gang terrorized the city of the sun. Emilien (Frédéric Diefenthal) to his friend for help, who has trampled on the gas again. Roam the engine dent in the body, and he kétszázhúszas tap tempo skater distributed among the bad guys.

Devil’s Pond

Julianne always wanted to untie himself from the tutelage of his parents. His dream appear to be occurring when you manage to get married Mitch. A young couple with a small deserted island honeymoon travel. Soon, however, it turns out that Julianna was trapped again. The husband because everything planned well in advance and is designed to forever keep her by his side on the island.

Finding Nemo

The living area of the Great Reef is full of dangers. You know this Pizsi, the little clownfish, and this tries to teach his only son, Nemo is. But the youngster – as has been the usual – packed with adventure desire, and when the time comes, you have to leave home and start school. Pizsi nervously accompanies him and anxiously watching every move. His concern is not unfounded because Nemo, in defiance of admonitions, túlúszik secure the border, to look at a boat, and the father watching helplessly along the way a diver suddenly snatch bud.

Kill Bill

It was the Bride (Uma Thurman) is a notorious assassin, a world-class assassin-female team member. But she was pregnant and wanted to get married, but the boss would not leave. On the day of her wedding to the team leader, Bill (David Carradine) slaughter everyone. The last words of Bride tells Bill that she is pregnant, and her baby wears over his heart. The woman did not die of Bullet to the Head, but after five years of coma swears bloody revenge against his boss and former teammates. No one knows when it will happen next on the list. Only one thing is certain Bill will be the last in line.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

The XVII. century, the Caribbean was the realm of pirates who are intimidated by the British Royal Navy as well. Swannt Elizabeth (Keira Knightley), the daughter of the English governor kidnapped by the feared pirate, Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush). Her childhood friend and love interest, Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) to rescue the girl starts and willy-nilly should seek the assistance of the pirates. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), the pirate captain Barbossa and others reveal the secret. Will and Jack attempt the impossible: to get the Black Pearl, rescued the girl and the way to acquire the world’s most precious treasure.

The Last Samurai

The end of the civil war. The former hero Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) can not find a place in a peaceful, more practical country. The fearlessness, self-sacrifice, loyalty – to his military virtues – they have become worthless. In this situation a lot of money moves out of lucrative deals. Algrennek to travel to Japan, where young, pro-American emperor modern army kiképzőtisztnek contracted. The new armed forces should leszámolnia the old traditions and post-abiding samurai. The first blow himself Algren leads. Due to the hasty preparations despite modern weapons, the Samurai prevail, and Algren is captured. The commander, however, do not perform samurai stranger, but will try to get to know. The US is slowly experiencing the samurai values much closer to it.

21 Grams

They say the death of a man at the moment of 21 grams weight decrease. Paul Rivers (Sean Penn) lives unhappy marriage. The former drug addict Cristina (Naomi Watts), a housewife with two children. Jack Jordan (Benicio Del Toro), a man released from prison who find strength in Christian teachings to support his family. A tragic car accident forever change the lives of all three families. The seemingly unconnected events slowly pieces together consist of a huge puzzle gruesome picture of the life and death reveals.


Xavier’s protégés, outsiders continue their fight against the prejudices and against the Turkish forces would destroy them. Increasingly emerges from political and social life of mutants hatred and intense protests begin against them. This movement leader, William Stryker, a wealthy former warlord and scientist who is rumored that conducted experiments on mutants. work related to them somehow intertwined Wolf mysterious and forgotten past as well. When Farkas begins to investigate as to its origin, Stryker puts into operation the anti-mutant program and begin a military offensive against these outcasts of society.


Ten mysterious stranger forces in an abandoned hotel on the judgment date. The cause an accident Ed (John Cusack), Rhodes (Ray Liotta), a dangerous convict transport police officer, the beautiful Paris (Amanda Peet), a hiding lovers, the injured family, and the hostel alleged owners soon realize that a serial killer become targets . In order to survive the night, they have to find the secret that binds them together.

The Matrix Reloaded

What would happen if the prophecy was true? What if tomorrow would end the fighting? Thomas “Neo” Anderson (Keanu Reeves) decides to face the question that Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) inspired him. To start off, to seek and know the truth and meaning of release the Matrix slavery.
the second episode of the trilogy, Neo decides that the inherent forces driving even more under his control. The machines army to launch an attack against the city of Zion. Only a matter of hours that the Earth was the last person to occupy the territory ruled by the destruction of humanity programmed machines. Morpheus, however, manage to shake the citizens of Zion, and to convince them that the prediction will be fulfilled, and the choice will put an end to the war with machines. Szerelmükkel each other and put their faith armed with Neo and Trinity choose to return to the Matrix to special abilities and weapons to bear to confront tyranny. But the Matrix powerful forces oppose.

Bad Santa

Willie department store Santa Claus dresses up every year. However, during the red cape is actually a safecracker hiding who always catch the big Christmas Eve timing. When customers go home from the mall, Santa Claus and his accomplice, resourceful and skillful Mano – a dwarfed Marcus – breaking the store’s safe, and move on with the loot. Santa Claus and his partner this year, however, threatened to make it the annoying manager, the store detective, a sexy Santa fan and innocent, but resolute in its intention to eight-year-old guy personally.

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