Best movies in 2005

Sin City

Welcome to Sin City! This city attracts a call and stubborn, inconvenient figures, corrupt character and the broken-hearted. Storm Tempered Souls of hard, dark place. Some people, this city is home to an unfair cops, hookers, desperate volunteer vigilantes. Is there anyone who thirsts for revenge. Others yearn for salvation. And then there are those who are both hoping for a bit. Hardly believable, unwieldy universe of heroes who do not give up. They are trying to do the right thing at the last minute in a city that does not care about them. Their lives, in the heart of darkest recesses of which takes place in three shocking, stressful, glowing component made up stories Frank has become a cult comic tradition original Miller, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino guest director striking overwhelming feature film.

Star Wars: Episode III

The council Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) to specify that seek out and bring them before a court of law responsible for the clone wars. Meanwhile, Senator Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) gains more and more power, creates the Galactic Empire. The senator directly in the company of Anakin (Hayden Christensen) is becoming more difficult can resist the influence of Palpatine, who will attempt to seduce the young Jedi to the dark side.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The new school year, her older, more experienced students must participate in the international Triwizard Tournament in Harry fourteen (Daniel Radcliffe) with which inexplicably called him into an unknown. But the school competition in addition to the dangers fade now become fact is certain: Voldemort, the Dark Lord once again came on the scene, and not only regained his power, but also human form.

Batman Begins

Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), the orphan millionaire voluntarily traveling around the hell of violence, which takes Henri Ducard (Liam Neeson), a master of the East Warriors Hungary and perfectly trained. Wayne, however, does not share the views of blind master and returns to Gotham City. Its aim is to fight with all possible means against injustice. However, the city is infected with corruption, only young prosecutor, Rachel (Katie Holmes) and Detective James Gordon (Gary Oldman), known as Ra’s Al Ghul to confront men.

V for Vendetta

England suffered a dictatorship not so distant future. List of propaganda from the TV, the secret police henchmen terrorized everyone kept. Evey was, one evening a young girl caught in the street, in the jaws of death by a mysterious figure, released by V. He bears the rebels executed four hundred years ago, Guy Fawkes mask. röpíteni wanted the parliament air with fellow Fawkes to liberate the country from tyranny. But the attempt failed, the conspirators carried out Biton. V Evey learns little by little past that fueled his desire for revenge. And while you can also comment explore the dictatorship’s prisons, he realizes that V is the same, what it did Fawkes.

The V for Vendetta is both adventure movie, a political thriller and dystopia that is tyranny, oppression, media agymosásáról reads and examines what happens when a dictatorship of the individual takes the law into his own hands. “Do not ask, do not criticize, do not even think about the Party knows everything better” – screams the evil Chancellor. He says that will protect people from the terroristától, but keeps them in constant fear that ground, he trampled on the rights of freedom.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

During World War II, the Pevensie children are sent to the countryside, the Germans bombed London. Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Digory Kirke eccentric professor refuge. One day when Lucy hides, play a huge closet and suddenly finds himself in Narnia snowy landscapes. A beautiful country dwarfs, fauns, centaurs and other mythical creatures inhabit different. However, peaceful land of eternal winter, ice and frost in the throes of captivity, the evil White Witch cursed them. According to legend, four children and bring them salvation.

Brokeback Mountain

Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) and Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) meet for the first time early one day, Joe Aguirre (Randy Quaid) estate in the work queue. The world in which you were born, suddenly begins to change and yet scarcely evolving. Both were bound goals for the landscape – to find a permanent job, get married, start a family – and yet crave something else, it is elusive. When Aguirre Pastor to be used for both of them to the majestic Brokeback Mountain, they find each other in friendly terms, and an even deeper connection. By the end of the summer they will have to leave the Brokeback Mountain and their paths separated. Ennis remains in Wyoming and marries sweetheart Alma (Michelle Williams), who bore him two gyemeket. Jack notices a Texas rodeo queen, Lure Newsome (Anne Hathaway). Their relationship continues with marriage, birth of a son, father-in when Jack gets a job. Four years goes by when you eat will pass to the wife of a friend a postcard that Jack came to be traveling through Wyoming. Ennis eagerly waiting for his friend, and in a moment it becomes clear that the passage of time has only strengthened the fibers connecting the two of them. In subsequent years, Ennis and Jack struggle trying to maintain a secret relationship connecting the two of them. They meet several times a year. But when we are not together, they confront their loyalty, commitment and confidence problems forever. Finally, only the power of nature, love remains a constant in their lives.


Albert (Kevin James), a meek accountant in love with a famous community: the charming and beautiful Allegra Cole into (Amber Valletta). However, while Albert trained.This Hitch is about a man of admirable and ambitious Sara Melas (Eva Mendes) who, who – working as a gossip – Allegra constantly after him. Hitch, last Mohicans of bachelors would soon realize that madly infatuated with Sara, a reporter whose life big catch – the basis for a huge sensation – if we could hide down Manhattan’s most famous date doctor.


The volunteer Anthony twenty years, the summer of 1990 when Saudi Arabia sent to fight in the Gulf War. Up close, however, quite different to see the Iraq war as it demonstrated in the newspapers and televisions. Can you feel the burning oil wells stink, there’s dread among young soldiers who do not know what awaits them in the desert, experience it for attack preparations boredom, smells the taste of blood, and to experience the physical and psychological effects of the battles, feelings develop between soldiers cohesion. Anthony Swafford’s book.

King Kong

The enterprising and adventurous director Carl Denham step down in front of the studio executives who threaten to not give money to latest film finish. Carl steam and the occasional team stay protagonist Ann Darrow, unemployed actress. However, instead of Singapore Denham wants to rotate the mystical legends surrounded Skull Island. But the newfound hunk Denham, the screenplay with his reluctant and crew of a stand with the secluded island that they could not imagine the wildest dreams.

Kingdom of Heaven

Despite Balian (Orlando Bloom), a blacksmith lost faith origin traveling to the Holy Land, where it is the focus of the war involuntarily. But a false glimmer of Jerusalem, the Knights, Tiberias (Jeremy Irons) and Guy de Lusignan (Marton Csokas) ármánykodása amid falls in love with a beautiful princess and become the leading figure in the events. Finally, courage and knowledge summoned try to defend the city against the legendary Saladin (Ghassan Massoud), a huge army.

Fantastic Four

Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd) dream is to decipher the human genetic code, the captains of Doom (Julian McMahon) support. Űrexpedíciót starts in the middle of a cosmic storm Sue Storm (Jessica Alba), Johnny Storm and pilot (Chris Evans) and Ben Grimm astronaut (Michael Chiklis) in attendance. It turns out that the error in calculations, and cosmic rays alters the DNA of the crew. The tragedy suffered with trying to translate their advantage. A team as oppose evil in the meantime changed Doom Man of Steel.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Arthur Dent is having a bad day. The house is destroyed due to a high-speed road construction, he learns that his best friend from a different planet and came on top of all the Earth be destroyed in a few minutes because of a hyper-lane construction. Dent’s best friend, Ford Perfect step down at the last minute using a space ship and at the beginning of the fantastic űrodüsszea. Cosmic Adventures in Dent great use of this book is entitled The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which is all the wisdom and knowledge repository.

House of Wax

Carly, Paige and their friends focimeccsére largest university in the last year. Night tent server, and then continue their journey the next day. The morning after awakening them have unpleasant surprises, it seems someone has damaged their car. In need of help position going into the nearby Ambrose. The town’s main attraction Trudy Wax Museum, where astonishingly lifelike wax figures are on display. It’ll soon discover why it is so true to life. If they do not want to be one of them, they need to take the fight to the brutal killer.

The Longest Yard

A star athlete can be very deep. But this is certainly not deeper. Paul Crewe (Adam Sandler) was once a celebrated player of the American football league, today only one among the prisoners: a real hard guys are locked spend all day at the USA’s best-kept reserved worst conditions of imprisonment. But there is an old acquaintance among the prisoners: former coach (Burt Reynolds) is serving his sentence in a life. The governor encouraged by the prisoners begin to train, and the scrappy company soon may play the biggest opponent: the guards válogatottját. The course runs teams hate each other more than anything else. So far, none cared for the physical safety of others. What is now going on half the pitch half the game … there is another, unspoken purpose: the players, the judges and the prison director.

War of the Worlds

No one would have thought the first years of the 21st century that our world so beings are being watched, which exceeds the intelligence of ours – that while people tie everyday worries, they observed and studied us, as a scientist examines microscope over the creatures, which is a drop of water swarm and multiply. Man unlimited complacency crossed criss-crossed the globe, secure in the knowledge that this is the world of his empire. Still, the endless depths of space across a huge, cold, cold creatures peered planet envious eyes, and slowly and surely woven plans against us.

The film H. G. Wells in 1898 wrote a famous fantastic novel, large-scale adaptation, in which Tom Cruise led humanity fights the aggressive aliens. Interestingly, the War of the Worlds 1938 radio adaptation caused massive panic in America, because the production was directed by Orson Welles sikeredett too lifelike, and many students thought it was really a Martian attack on Earth.


Mars is a remote research station of something went wrong, the station lost contact with odluvai. Five-wide quarantine becomes effective and will be deployed in the Rapid Reaction Combat Squadron. The squad led by Chief manage to close towards the Earth’s passage, and set off to explore the station. The Marines of unknown origin, fearsome monsters and find themselves faced, which are lurking behind every wall and the colonies are lurking the halls and tunnels that the murdered men were alive.

A generation’s favorite computer game is now on the big screen in the form of an exciting sci-fi action movie and takes the audience from the dark and gloomy future, providing the same visceral thrill and fear that the game was made popular around the world.

Lord of War

The Ukrainian-born Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) lives fegyvercsempészésből, his most outstanding representative of the profession. His life is in danger every day, so do not trust anyone, only with his younger brother (Jared Leto), who see the world’s most dangerous war zones in the large dog with weapons. Yuri bulldog face in the wake of agent chased Valentine (Ethan Hawke), his life breaking competition, love constant suspicions, but especially your own conscience during the dangerous actions.

The Dukes of Hazzard

Luke (Johnny Knoxville) and Bo (Seann William Scott), the two cousins take a large spoon of rural life. Guys, you have to decide is rarely opt for legal solutions and first jobs because of alcohol smuggling deal, local police patrols on a daily basis collects the trouble. But the sleepy weekdays (cold beer, great Bunyan, fast women and faster cars) disrupts a discovery: a corrupt police chief (Burt Reynolds) crafts something that would make him rich and koldusszegénnyé everyone else in the area. The guys did not bother much. Floored the gas pedal is pressed, getting ready for a fist fight, and straightening a few turns. It’s the biggest party of their lives: Chance county is in their hands.

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