Best movies in 2013

Now You See Me

The world’s best illuzionistáinak one team robs bank, but no matter how the track is finished, scatter everyone misleading the public ranks of acquired cash. The FBI is baffled before the wily attraction, not knowing that a much bigger roll made of sorcerers.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The money is never enough. Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), an honest stockbroker started his career as the American dream but it caught up with him. By the end of the 80s was one of the largest brokerage company owner, at the age of 26 earning $ 1 million a week. However, so far the road has been paved with corruption and unfair business seductive coasters. Because the greater the temptation he wanted more by ignoring the illegal üzelmekkel and raced in the footsteps of FBI agents. More money, more power, more and more women and more money again: this is Jordan’s philosophy of life. And that modesty is an overrated virtue. Jordan and did not know what to do with a pack of billions of illegally acquired, but is it the tip of the iceberg where the road leads?

We’re the Millers

There are the dealers for their principles. David (Jason Sudeikis) only need diligent housewives or restaurant employees are selling, but never children. And trusts that you will always be-a-side not suffer wrong. But of course, wrong. Even a very large one.

Once, only once a neighborhood teenager to help get rid of the withdrawal symptoms, they do so robbed, and he can not account for neither the substance nor the money. To make good the failure of a large consignment forced to transfer from Mexico. Fortunately, a good neighbor, a cynical stripper (Jennifer Aniston) and two depraved child (Emma Roberts, Will Poulter) will help him: they act as if a family trip would entail, but the trailer is full of contraband. The idea is good – but it takes incredible craftsmanship of the consequences …

Thor: The Dark World

When the Earth Empire and the nine worlds are reconciled, they will open the gates between dimensions Buđanovci. This can be exploited to destroy everything he wants Malekith, the dark elf to visszataszítsa the universe into darkness before creation. Even Odin and Asgard can not confront the enemy with whom Thor is facing. He reunited with his lover, the nuclear physicist Jane Foster in a dangerous mission, and to release the Loki languishing in prison to help restore order in the universe.

The Great Gatsby

America under the spell of a feverish twenties, loose morals, the mind-blowing live jazz and world of unlimited possibilities. Nick Carraway, emerging seedlings writer travels to New York to make a career. While chasing their American dream, becoming closer contact with the neighbor, the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and the charming cousin, Daisy. It revealed in front of the super rich immersive Through them, but emotionally empty world.

Pacific Rim

The depths of the Pacific Ocean will open a gateway through which giant monsters attacking the earth to get our world. It soon becomes apparent that the war can not last long, mankind days are numbered. Even the mighty robot – are controlled, multi-pilot, whose brains are connected neuronhidakkal – will not help. However, it was a rookie pilot and beindítanak a discarded robot and set off to stop the invaders and save the Earth.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Bilbo Baggins, the wizard Gandalf and Thorin Oakenshield thirteen dwarves led its way to the Lonely Mountain to reclaim Erebor, the magical kingdom of the Dwarves, where now the evil dragon Smaug is the master. The Misty Mountains begin to carry them through the Mirkwood, but Gandalf separates them. The forest giant spiders attacking them and then captured the Wood-elves dwarves, Bilbo which frees them. Tóváros leads the way through the Lonely Mountain.


Dr. Ryan Stone’s, excellent medical engineering is the first mission in space, a veteran Matt Kowalsky is the last before retiring. Just perform routine installation work when a meteor shower destroyed the space base and the fellow astronaut and the two astronauts to segregate the űrsiklótól. The communication is lost with the Earth, connected to one another drift of infinite space. Soon they are running out of oxygen. The fear gradually turns to panic, no chance to survive.

Furious 6

Ever since the Rio Dom and Brian balhéval cut back a small local king and distributed hundreds of millions of prey in the band of heroes scattered around the world. But life can not be complete because they do not return home, are constantly on the run. Meanwhile, Hobbs 12 countries around chasing a gang whose members are armed with deadly drivers, and their leader assisted by a ruthless accomplice, who turns out to be none other than Dom believed dead lover Letty. The criminals can only be stopped if the roads can take up to compete with them, so Hobbs asks Dom to bring together the “elite corps” in London. The reward? Full of grace to all of them to return to their homes and their families can merge.

Iron Man Three

After the last mission of Tony Stark in Iron Man has the general supply. The scientist-superhero live happily former assistant, but suffer from insomnia, panic attacks and tormented. When the series of bombings shake the city, Stark decides to pick up the (iron) gloves and tackle a mysterious enemy. However, the latest development in the iron man is not yet perfect, in addition to pop some former acquaintances as well. The instincts and ingenuity may be able to help you overcome your difficulties.


1976 – Formula 1’s golden age, the incredibly exciting and spectacular racing circus legendary season, two unforgettable racing battle with James Hunt, the tough Brit, Formula 1 rock star, and Niki Lauda, the Austrian disciplined genius, the 1975 world champion look each other eye to eye on the world’s most dangerous tracks. Real opponents who are capable of anything to win.

Lauda is one of the most memorable performance in sports history accomplishes: sitting behind the wheel just six weeks after the accident back to reclaim his title and prove to everyone in the chase faster. Because the closer you to death, the more you rumbles to life.

World War Z

A typical day Gerry Lane, a former employee of the UN family in rush hour traffic crawls. Soon to be attentive to people they attack each other. The city erupts into chaos turns out to be deadly epidemic struck in the head, which is spread by the bite. A global, becoming zombie epidemic that threatens to destroy humanity. After Lane secure all the family, returning to work is working to find the source of the outbreak and stop the spread.

Olympus Has Fallen

President Asher (Aaron Eckhart) is crisis-solving meeting with the South Korean Minister. However, total air attack against the White House all the presidential bunker underground forces, which are ultimately captured by terrorists. Banning Mike (Gerard Butler), a former bodyguard of the president and good friend immediately take the action. While the South Korean terrorists are demanding withdrawal of US troops and deployment of nuclear weapons is a dangerous threatened Benning each account with the enemy.


Riddicket a seemingly deserted planet banished, but soon realizes he was not alone. Bloodthirsty predators you face who are not sparing anything that moved. Riddick’s only chance of survival when an alarm off the mercenaries who are hunting him for 10 years.

The first spaceship from planet to deliver a dangerous team and cruel soldiers, while the second attack commander turns out to be guided by personal interests. Each bounty hunter with a goal: to catch Riddicket and leave with him on the planet. But time is running out: a deadly storm approaching, and the predators are on their trail.

The Wolverine

The special she is the most special. Among the invincible he is the strongest. Wolf (Hugh Jackman) wild, lonely, ageless. Each wound was healed instantly, his bones adamantiumötvözet makes it unbreakable. However, this time – for the first time in his long life – yet vulnerable.

A mysterious man at the request of Logan travel to Japan to receive an offer, which is subject to change throughout life. But to attain this goal is to overcome the formidable Silver Samurai, ninja and a team of scientists is dangerous. addition, the strength of fights, but not only threaten szamurájkardok: own demons, fears and doubts also must overcome in order to survive. However, if you win, it will be stronger than ever.

Movie 43

Sketch series, which connects 15 different parodies various locations and scenarios.

Last Vegas

Billy (Michael Douglas), after many years of bachelor life is to get married. Paddy (Robert De Niro), Archie (Morgan Freeman) and Sam (Kevin Kline), a pensioner shocked pal unexpected choice. A team of over sixty heads for Las Vegas are heading to a party with sensational farewell to Billy current pickup of life. Soon, however, it must come to the City of Sin changed a bit since the sixties and hard to catch up to the need to take the party sessions, the gambling, the women bombers and alcoholic intoxication field.

White House Down

Two men hiding in the White House. As shadows crept along the corridors, lift shaft is pulled out themselves, lurking around the pool. The chairman of the (Jamie Foxx), who protects the last man standing CIA agent (Channing Tatum).

The world’s most protected public buildings occupied by a terrorist group, but a well-developed plan to end the president they need. The building is full of gunmen – members of a paramilitary unit desperate. The agent, however, everything is ready to perform the task you sworn: we want to protect the president’s life.

Pain & Gain

Miami, 1994 Daniel Lugo in jail released. The ambitious bodybuilding is still chasing the American dream, a lot of money, frivolous life and dreams of the good women. More specifically, not only in dreams, but she decides to acquire. Persuades the two is also a bodybuilder buddy, a lot sztereoidtól become impotent and Adrian also just released cocaine addiction and became a religious Paul to ransom abduct a businessman. But the deal goes terribly wrong.

The Hangover Part III

They call themselves: a pack of wolves. Not that I have anything to do with the wolves. No game, not dangerous, nor cause fatigue impairment of the prairie for a day. Just good friends who really love to party and have no luck. First, a Las Vegas, then struck a Thai wedding pretext of themselves so completely forgotten all the crazy, impossible, incomprehensible and life-threatening adventure we’ve been through in one night.
Now there is no wedding. No bachelor party. Not done nothing wrong in principle. Because if a pack of wolves starts, follow them a good chance of disaster.

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