Our favourite movies in 1996

Looking back to 1996, I was waiting for Twister to be released. And I was very disappointed when I watched it. However when I wathed Independence day, I wanted to watch it again immediately. Trainspotting? I played it every year from rise of DVD to the birth of BluRay.

But which movies consumed the most popcorn in the cinemas? Which one is your favourite? Here you go, this is our list.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Two dangerous criminals headed toward the Mexican border. Their umpteenth bloody party are very nearly shut down by the FBI in which, it becomes hot under their feet on the ground. The Mexican Carlos promises them across the border provide shelter for them. The Gecko Brothers take advantage of the currently preparing for a vacation Reverend Fuller family caravan that end. It is agreed that the meeting was created by the borders they are released. The appointment wildest pub scene in Mexico, the Titty Twister, where dwells a lot of dubious figure. However, they are arriving in the evening terrible things are happening and changing the place a real hell.


Oklahoma’s largest brewing storm of the last fifty years. This storm expected the two rival groups of scientists who just want to type their name in the big book of scientists. Both “Storm Hunter” team first wants to get into their own equipment inside the tornado to gain valuable information about the behavior of a whirlwind. The one fails, to decipher the mystery of the tornado, and save countless lives. But this must be the monster’s path straight and still must go before the swirling column of air, estimating the unpredictable movement.


Mark and his buddies are unable to fit into society, not that of the economically lepusztulóban in Edinburgh would be a lot of opportunity to do so. Full of character loser who drift to shore without reciprocating. The only escape offered them drugs, heroin Belov travel to the imaginary universe. Their soaring only to discourage, if you run out of material. To live, to have access to the next dose narkóhoz. Fate, however, still offers one last chance for Mark.

Independence Day

The US tracking systems indicate the spacecraft 550 km diameter giant coming. The television news programs over the largest cities in the world report huge floating spacecraft. The next day, the president rescue safety. After Washington, D.C. to assault across the country will overcome the chaos. Soon it becomes clear that the aliens purpose is the destruction of the Earth’s total. all the armies in the world are ready to pick up the fight against the evil invaders.


Sidney (Neve Campbell) as a teenager confronting anxieties. His mother was murdered just a few months ago, his father was only in the business, did not care for her daughter; and even a friend of perpetual tension also keeps the lonely girl. And even as if that was not enough, the brutal serial killer starts to terrorize the peaceful city, but especially Sidney school-mate Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore). The killer favorite horror films inspired to overturn the city and college. You use everything you need to gullible victims. Everyone is suspicious and no one is safe. Sidney depends on an end to terror. The only evidence of a scary mask.

The Rock

General Hummel fatal step to devote himself kommandósaival occupy Alcatraz and tourists hostage. If the government fails to meet demand, San Francisco chemical attack. Fix a potential disaster in one way: the guns must be disposed of Alcatraz. But the only way in and out of the inlet to a person familiar with the jail’s former agent who is forced to overcome the situation to be an inexperienced chemical weapons expert help and save five million lives.

The English Patient

Hana, the nurse placed a severely wounded man in a ruined monastery in Tuscany at the end of the Second World War. Hana thinks you sit on it. a result of traumatic experiences suffered during the war, terrified that she loved, is sentenced to death. The patient does not remember anything. Your identity is a single key to personal letters, maps, and photographs stacked full of books, which he found. Hana patient begins to read the book and almost burned beyond recognition he begins to remember. Hardly a moment passes and Count Laszlo Almasy, however, as we see. The famous Hungarian linguist and researcher was a member of the expedition, before the war, which has come a long föltérképezetlen deserts. The expedition is a recently married couple joins British aristocrat. Katherine, wife of the young scientist and painter, he does not know the fear. The aloof Almasy a big impact on her. The feeling is mutual, although both of them are trying to restrain vonzalmuknak, helpless against the power of love. When an unexpected accident, two of them detaches from the rest of the expedition begin a passionate affair, with disastrous consequences both for them and for their environment.


Erin Grant (Demi Moore), a former FBI agent striptease women dancing in a night locale. You need this job because I want to get back to seven-year-old daughter, who was taken away from him by the court on the grounds that she can not support. One night, the well-known politician, David Dilbeck (Burt Reynolds) is in the audience. When Jerry, Erin One admirer figure out how Dilbecket blackmailed you, nobody suspects, leads to a seemingly simple blackmail. The blackmailer is about to be killed, and Al Garcia (Armand Assante) road detective starts to find out what goes on behind the scenes. the story Shad (Ving Rhames), a bar bouncer who is blackmailing daydream about their own plans, and Erin psychopathic ex-husband (Robert Patrick), who Barely earning a living as a small-time thief appears.


Powerful explosion rocked a quarter of Manhattan. As a result of an accident in the tunnel linking New Jersey Mahattant both ends of talk there, and the people trapped inside the confinement is not only helpless feeling weighs heavy, but above the Hudson River, huge swirling mass of water as well.
Who we are seeing a former head of the ambulance service, it is given the responsibility to fetch the troubled ones – even from underground. You see find a way how to get into the tunnel túszaihoz beomlással the threat of hell, but with a desperate group he is trapped. Forced to improvise if they want to be together with their rábízottakkal will ever see the light of day.

The Cable Guy

Chip is a wacko cable TV mechanic, who friends while hunting for a job. When Steven Kovak apartment in installing the cables, the two men become friends but this friendship becomes more and more burdensome for Steven because Chip unbreakable bond of friendship is interpreted as almost a minute and Steven have no receipt.

The Nutty Professor

Sherman Klump university professor with a two-hundred-pound black genius blessed with a nutty family. In vain, however, reason, logic, love of life that does not help, being overweight causes him many problems. Of course, the professor will do its best to look out beautifully. But the consumer pills are useless, therefore, forced to invent one himself. In accordance with Policy-way right away who is trying to acquire privately. The effect of it will be a sporty, nagydumájú Casanova, women fainted from him. The problem is that this simply has to be refined.

Spy Hard

Dick Steele, a retired secret agent’s former boss’s call to return to duty. It is the eternal enemy General Rancor, whom everyone believed dead after a terrorist bombing, it reappears on the scene. Dick and beautiful companion, Veronique needs to prevent that implement the general plans of world domination. Two live through the adventure together, avoiding the traps, fleeing their pursuers Car Tires. They’ll also get time to spend splendid dinners each other’s company, and the dance floor exercise your persistent criminal stiff members.

Broken Arrow

Two excellent pilot of a B-3 fighter bomber aboard two nuclear charge, performs a test flight. Major Deakins (John Travolta), however, plays into the hands of terrorists weapons of mass destruction machine supplier, partner and catapults. Hale (Christian Slater) survives the assassination and revenge treacherous friend ran after him hungrily. The killer is about to desert chase begins between the desperate pilots.


Everyone is well aware of the city George Malley (John Travolta), the talented car mechanic who is not only a reliable friend, but also a good professional. But thirty-seventh birthday changes everything: the man had never before experienced a thirst for knowledge in power. It turns out that intelligence unmatched, but this is the newly acquired knowledge can delegate the burden of being different. George must accept that the exceptional ability to remove an earlier environment, gradually estranged from her friends because they do not understand what happened to him.


Fragile blond woman is a vast country the presidential palace to the balcony. In front of hundreds of thousands of fans, weeping crowd, and he says good-bye with tears in his eyes: “Do not cry for me, Argentina”. He Evita Peron, the woman who was incredibly high and reached incredible depths. The woman who was worshiped as a god, because I do not want to be nothing more than a simple man: although the splendor became part of the class, has not forgotten what it means misery.

Down Periscope

Captain Tom Dodge excellent soldier who enjoys undivided popularity among the ordinary soldiers, but this is not true in the case of the officer corps. Many rosszakarója is among his superiors, who shall make best efforts to undermine him. Failing to deliver to the captain of a rickety, World War II submarine commander should be appointed, in addition to the port are selected together legzüllöttebb tengerészeiből the crew. Dodge captain will soon be sent to a secret mission, but he did not despair.


Snow-covered small town above the US-Canadian border. A local car dealer wants to straighten up messy finances original idea: two petty scoundrel with his wife kidnapped to ransom by-laws of zsarolhasson. However, the kidnappers ütődöttebbek than average, and only casually swat their hostages. The basic situation comedy turns bloody tragedy – and all of it must be felgöngyölítenie local seriffnőnek in the blessed state.

Sling Blade

Karl Childers came mental institution at the age of 12 because her mother was an unknown to man, and this was so excited that both of them out. But when the institute drastic cost-cutting forced Karl is dismissed. The boy ends up in a small town, where he befriends Frank. Frank’s mother, Linda Karl liking and let me live with them. One of them, however, did not reckon Linda narrow-minded and drunken boyfriend, Doyle …

Breaking the Waves

Bess deeply religious girl who is maintaining his innocence Janhoz getting married. A man working on an oil worker at sea, strange matter in a closed community where Bess belongs. The mentally unstable girl when he gets to know the physical pleasures, can not get enough of it, but Janne have to return back to the rig, which is hard on a woman in love. Bess looked forward pass days, at night praying to God that her husband return home as soon as possible. Her prayers be heard, Jan returns home the same, but as a result of a serious accident paralyzed his entire body. This is a real test for both of them, but love is a powerful force that can work wonders too. Bess obedience to the internal sounds, unconditionally fulfill crippled husband, increasingly perverse wishes.

Primal Fear

The film takes place in courtroom atmosphere surefire hallmarks of a master metered power and unassailable logic. The materials, there is no shortage of this story. Martin is successful, arrogant and handsome lawyer who agrees to fight at any time if it is loud enough media coverage can be created. I accept the representation of a wild street kid who is suspected of the murder of one of Chicago’s most influential people. No humanitarian perspective, and do not search for the truth: he wishes to give his version of the truth. Former bosses also want revenge, do not even emotionally indifferent to the prosecutor Janet and Martin were previously passionate lovers. In many places small in rapt attention deceives Martin senses: you do not notice the trap prepared for.

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