Our favourite movies in 1998

Saving Private Ryan

June 6, 1944 – D-Day in Normandy. The beach Omaha Beach was the code name of the boat can be protected from striving for cover Allied soldiers are Pergőtűz, blood loss is huge. Everywhere dead, wounded, torn shreds of human body parts, dying, death rattle. The first bundle of hell had just passed Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) remaining men standing in front of another is almost impossible to test. A small team headed it must be engaged the enemy country to track down an American soldier, PFC James Ryan. The high command’s orders because to be removed immediately, as three brothers in World War II various fronts almost simultaneously lost their lives, and the Army pays tribute to this family tragedy. But the long and dangerous road in everyone, the question arises: why is this worth a man’s life more than the nine it sent me? The success of director Steven Spielberg in 1999, won five Academy Award for the film, including Best Director walkers as well.

The Big Lebowski

Jeff Lebowski (Jeff Bridges), a single golden law of life: live and let me live! Peacefully steals the sun, sipping your favorite cocktail and breaking records for the master site bowling alley. Like all of his buddies aimless freaks. disrupt the idyllic life of two-faced evil and rude thug who break into her apartment. The surprised Lebowskit left on site and bepiszkítják precious Persian carpet. Our hero takes off to get the real Lebowskihoz (David Huddleston) to clarify the misunderstanding and obtain compensation. The old millionaire namesake, however, offered a deal: you get back to “kidnap” young wife.


Huge asteroid approaching Earth at a speed of 40,000 km / h. The impact – which is unavoidable – the total destruction of our planet is threatened. NASA is one of the leaders, Dan Truman sees only one chance to survive: if we have the space to destroy the menace approaching celestial body. It is therefore astonishing plan to eat out: Harry instruct the person of the world’s finest olajfúróját that the tough guy team consisting of drill holes and blast the asteroid into small pieces. After the lightning-fast training also comes up with the team, but things do not go according to plan.

American History X

“My Mein Kampf” – this thesis shock to teachers Danny Vinyard, who is an excellent student. Perhaps this is the scripture gave the final push that idolized brother, Derek, who lives only hate philosophy and practice that since the murder of their father, an incredibly brutal racial murders follow in which “exemplary” is a neo-Nazi skinhead gangs and the authorities before well. Behind the grilles Derek gradually realizes kétarcúságára violence. Do you recognize the eternal truth: the hatred will always revert back to that, from whom he derives.

Enemy of the State

What can one man against the world? And what can a man, if the whole world is going to be against it? Prosecutor Robert Dean is not the kind who break the head of these questions. Doing his job, he loves his wife, raising her two naughty puppy and he thinks this will always be so. A man beginning to pay attention, someone hunting him, somebody want to kill you. Suddenly – in the United States in all the official and unofficial secret organization comes after him – independently. Bug sewn clothes, bullets whistling around your ears, trying to drive over cars, explosions trying to erase the face of the earth. Everyone becomes a target and he has no choice but to escape as he is. And we do not even know why they want to kill you.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

London is probably the most exciting quarters in the East End. Here lives the most nehézfiú, highly promising drug agent and idler. The film’s hero four, the four friends decide in here to make money. The result: a huge debt and death threats. Only one has weeks to pay, so the most amazing option is chosen: rob another band. Another dubious elements, criminals, smugglers, assassins and kétballábas strict innkeepers appear on the scene. Everyone is confused everyone with someone showdown with someone else, while the big tobacco rate rises.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

In 1971, we, the United States, the kompromitációs scandal involving Richard Nixon presidency and during the hippie era. Raoul Duke, a sports reporter, will be entrusted with the Nevada desert race held motor-knowing methods. Dr. Gonzóval friend the lawyer, kick start, but their purpose is not a desert, but in Las Vegas, the gambling city. The two men on the drugs and alcohol kind of all existing Equipped embark on the adventure to find the American dream.

Meet Joe Black

Two daughters live in William Parrish, a wealthy New York businessman. The sixty-fifth birthday with a huge party organized by the elder daughter. But before Parrish gets sick, touching the wind of death. Soon produces engaging mannered, good-looking young man into the house. Joe Black Death incarnation. He wants to bring his victim, but he sees his beautiful daughter, Susan. Seeing this and exploited Parrish makes a deal with Joe with Black: get a reprieve until the tastes of human existence. But the death has also expired, you must return back there where he belongs.


Blade (Wesley Snipes), half-human, half-vampire. Strong and quickly heal the wound, you can walk to the light. He is between the key and the choice of the two species. His friend is fighting against the vampires since childhood, and next to them a day joins Karen doctor (N’Bushe Wright), who saved his life. The bloodthirsty transformed Frost (Stephen Dorff) wants to create the vampires rule the Earth. The blood of the reign of God can change everything. But Blade picks a fight with him.

The Waterboy

Bobby slowly replaced Christian era, but unable to live an independent life. Still his mom tiny son, then suffocate from maternal love. The local college football team water boy, it takes care of the players fluid supply. While the task takes very seriously, constantly szívatják, and then fired. The helpless man is the weakest team in the tournament. The coach takes under his wing and shows her how to deal with the csúfolódókkal. With the way the game of his rage into a powerful defender, Bobby unwittingly becomes a star. The team starts to hold on up in the standings.

The Man in the Iron Mask

XIII. Louis, the haughty. XIV. Louis followed on the throne, during whose reign the whole of France is starving. The king’s former bodyguard, son of Athos bride picked out ágyasául. To get rid of rivals, the boy sent the fatal battle. Athos anger visit old comrades, Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan to help implement the plan. He wants to free the dandy king prison in mysterious prisoner in captivity. The rumor, according to The Man in the Iron Mask man is none other than the king’s twin brother. Instead of the afflicted people want him king throne.


The Pacific Ocean depths of unknown origin, 300-year-old ship found. four-person team of scientists sent off deep into the water to find out whether there is life on the ship. When you descend to the depths of a huge fémgömbre stumble across what will soon discover that in the future, in 2048 it was made in America. Scientists penetrate the spacecraft, but do not suspect what awaits them, as we do not, then what kind of person for return – if ever returning.

The Mask of Zorro

Don Diego de la Vega, Zorro hiding behind the mysterious mask successfully fought a personal battle of the heavy-handed Governor Don Rafael Montero and against Spanish rule. A slash of the steel blade with a large letter Z, and everybody knows Zorro was here that protects the weak and vulnerable, and revenge for the injustice suffered. But this invincible, invulnerable hero costume covers meat-and-blood man who was the governor, and finally simply deprives all that, why live in a corner: his family and freedom. He kills his wife is taking her daughter, Zarate himself in prison. By the time twenty years later he manages to escape, it’s too old to be the legendary Zorro mask felöltse again. Yet the cruel repression than ever, and the governor ever darker plans in mind. However, the random path could put a footpad, Alejandro Murrieta, in whom he sees a possibility that after many long learning and practicing succeeded enter.

City of Angels

There was a great European film, which along with many fellow went to America ‘átvedleni “and try your luck,” Wings of Desire “by Wim Wenders was memorable about his film is about. Leaving aside the differences in specific gravity of its kind we get a tasteful and enjoyable movie. What happens if you start longing for an angel after all the days of mortals, and you want to try to love? Nicholas Cage converts the angel Seth, who falls in love with a mortal earth, the surgeon woman in Maggie. You must choose between the heavenly and earthly love. I wonder what it is that the doctor is a rational thinking leads me to a man attracted to whose existence is impossible to accept? Maggie and Seth will fight for common eszükkel and longings, until he sacrificed everything for the sake of love.


The French Polynesian island is one of the secret nuclear explosions performed, causing the island’s fauna mutation occurs. The gigantic experiment as a result of increased aggressive reptile, Godzilla from hunger and rage folded attacks in New York. The city was devastated monster unable to curb the army’s troops, and soon panic. A nuclear scientist (Matthew Broderick) and a special French man (Jean Reno) join forces to unravel the mystery of a terrible sized creature and to stop the destruction before it’s too late.

Half Baked

The dudes are cool, though no one is doing anything meaningful. The bumbling Kenny (Harland Williams) accidentally poisoned by a mere police horse diabetes. It is a million dollar bail and were allowed to freely prison. The gang members unanimously contend: it must be Kenny at any price. The most lucrative drug business. Thurgood (David Chappelle) exploits that work pharmaceutical factory. The rest of the area összehaverkodnak fődílerének rival Sir Smoke-A-Lot rapsztárral. Not exactly the right moment Thurgood loses its remaining common sense and falls in love with a totally anti-drug Maca, who happens to be the daughter of a drug dealer.

Six Days Seven Nights

Quinn (Harrison Ford), a hard, yet neither bit ambitious pilot, who takes black decrepit cargo transports machine is a tropical island to another. Comfortable life has no intention to change. Robin (Anne Heche): success-oriented and purposeful woman in a New York magazine editor, who is vacationing with his new fiance in an exotic South Sea island. However, an urgent work calls to Tahiti, he leased aircraft, whose pilot is none other than the loose Quinn. The mismatched pair (or shall we say: fire and water) “flying fracture” suffering on a deserted island, and the dangerous adventures of the more dangerous perpatvarokkal begins, and that the most dangerous: a little romance laced with unexpected vacation, which like it is not advertised travel agencies. And then we did not even mention the pop-up unexpectedly bloodthirsty pirates who hide their treasures plundered the island together.


Greatest thriller of all time is back! Marion Crane (Anne Heche), a quiet young lady who wants to start a new life with her boyfriend’s boss’s money. map of the Bates Motel while on the run, where he meets a somewhat confused-looking owner, Norman (Vince Vaughn). Norman terrible victims come to an end by his mother’s hand. The man appears to strongly depend on the will of his mother, who reportedly lives on a hill above the motel. A week later, Marion disappeared: no one can find traces of any of the missing money. Marion’s sister (Julianne Moore) and a private investigator (William H. Macy) begin an investigation. After a while, they both realize that what is morbid and mysterious connection between Norman Bates Motel mother. Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous master work, the most quoted movie horror novel process is now directed by Gus Van Sant seen who transposed the masterpiece of the millennium film language.

“There is a quiet little motel, away from the main road, as you can see, it seems completely harmless, although now a crime scene as an unknown. Behind the motel is in an old house, which is, so to speak, is much more sinister-looking. And this house made in the most terrible most terrible things I think we can go, because the place is now for sale -.. although I do not know who would be the one who would buy ” With these words, the great interest it recommended the attention of one of the scariest in 1960, and certainly the most influential, most quoted and imitated master Hitchcock film of all time, Psycho. The audience was shocked by the story of a psychopath motel owner, and the film after taking a shower has never meant what he had.

Lethal Weapon 4

Riggs, Murtaugh and Cole assisted by Detective constant, hyperactive Leo Getz help ruin the town again. This time, the Chinese triádokkal are confronted with a brutal leader (Jet Li) in America wants to illegal money transactions are conducted. In addition, every time a woman is able to birth in pregnant Lorna Riggs child to wait until Martaugh a cop’s daughter is pregnant.

Mercury Rising

The isolation gives you strength when you do not have to lose … Art Jeffries disillusioned and spent FBI agent. It is on the verge of a nervous breakdown after his superiors declared a scapegoat because of a failure of years of bloody action. During routine tasks concerning the disappearance of a nine year old autistic boy has to find. Simon’s parents were killed. Art finds a frightened little boy, and it feels the spiritual world of his own reflection. He wants to help him. Superiors do not give credit for suspicion of Art, but when they break Simon lives under police custody, the agent you want to solve the mystery. accidentally cracked the US military’s secret code, a unique combination of skills Mercury by Simon. The head of military intelligence, Colonel Kudrow vain man. Not afford to jeopardize the important position of a little child.

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