Our favourite movies in 2000

Requiem for a Dream

Harry Goldfarb any money-making opportunity to regularly sell your TV’s mother, whose only meaning of his life watching TV and the main entertainment. The money to be heroin, the TV business is so good because Harry’s mother always buys back anyway. Harry’s mother, Sara dreams of a different world. do everything they can to get into your favorite TV show. You feel that the only way you can access if you lose weight, and so can be absorbed in the “red dress”. The only clothes that may appear on the TV screen. Fanatical dieting starts using a drug that your doctor has prescribed for him. Initially, the drug affects Sara was fantastic. will begin to recede, is charged, it will be full of energy and are now quite certain that enters into a TV show. Then the hallucinations begin … The doctor has prescribed medicine is virtually the same hard drugs such as heroin.


Maximus, the great Roman general (Russell Crowe), the people’s favorite, and the elderly ruler Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) is enjoying confidence. The victim of a conspiracy of Marcus Aurelius dying makes him heir to power-hungry son Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) cost. Yet Commodus takes over power, and condemned to death Maximus: he escapes, however, he found the family living in the Hispania of strike can not prevent. Shattered the slave traders get into the hands of people who sell their gladiator. fighting for his life Maximus moved to Rome, where old reputation uses to incite a rebellion among the Romans eltunyult overthrow the oppressors.


The diamonds specializes wily jewel thief Franky Four Fingers after fulfilling the mandate of the latest starts to New York to deliver the goods to his boss, Avin. However, the road stops in London, where it should deliver small brilleket principal customers. Boris, a Russian con artist convinces Franky to adopt an illegal boxing match, where they will rob him of plans.


Mutants are living among us. They are people too, but genetics accidentally born with special abilities. There is among them, who reads minds, there are people who walk through the wall to raise a storm or it can kill the very eyes. People are not familiar with them, so fear them. Some of the mutants from the fear and dread, so brilliant Magneto (Ian McKellen) leadership is preparing for war. But it works in a special institute where the mysterious Professor X (Patrick Stewart), a special team called X-Men will do everything to protect the mutants poorer half of humanity.

Scary Movie

I know what you did last summer in the matrix of the sixth érzékeddel. Or here’s a little screaming, a little there ideglelés! Popular horror movies with humor hilarious parody of the work bloody comedy. Six good friends to death chases a serial killer who combines all the stylish cruelty. In addition, the media is chasing them with a meddling reporter, Gail (Cheri Oteri) personally. In the past year, exactly the Halloween night car accident occurred on the occasion of body temperature begins to count minus one, minus two.

Pitch Black

Half a hundred passengers on board shipwrecked on their way to a distant galaxy spaceship. Carried out an emergency landing in unknown planet, which is only a few survive, including Riddick, a prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment. In deliberating how you can leave the hellish planet where three solar lights in the sky. They do not suspect that all the twenty years of the planets around the sun three full constellation blackness causes. And when the darkness comes, crouching quietly revive the long shadows of abandoned mines in the depths of living mutants, bloodthirsty monsters.

Gone in Sixty Seconds

Every profession has its stars: you need car thief, Memphisnél (Nicolas Cage) is not right. Fast, accurate, reliable and does not recognize the impossible. But this time he did not believe in it to succeed. Fifty well-guarded luxury cars have to steal a night and keep in a safe place. Immediately say no if you do not have a sponsor of the mafia and the stakes were not for her brother’s life. Soon teams up with turbo speed and spin of events, while chases, Tricks, lies, betrayals and crashes follow each other in dizzy pace.

Road Trip

The rules of cheating: If you have a permanent relationship and having sex with someone else. Not considered cheating when several of your zip code. Not considered cheating, so if you or standing, can not remember it, because if you do not remember it, you can not really happen. Not considered cheating if you do it with two people at the same time, they cancel each other out. But definitely it constitutes cheating when you add video and someone accidentally mailed the tape to the csajodnak. To her horror one-to-one this has happened to Josh too. Josh because he videotaped a brief pastoral clock, you accidentally love of his life, addressed to a specific mailbox. Somehow we need to catch up on the clues before they completely mess up everything. You pick two koleszes if beaten and even a guy who is not really keen, but he has a car and he cut a catchy, 1,800-mile tour of the New York State Ithacából Austin (not Boston) to rescue romance of a lifetime. The list of unavoidable losses along the way kept gaining weight. Exploding car, bus stolen, she lost her virginity, is a foolish viagra vendors, and even a psychologically prepared óriáspiton.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Whoville Who lives in the family. Not too nice, and too little too materialistic, but in their own way sympathetic. They love the holidays. Most of the Christmas at all. However, not one person in the holiday season, Christmas is not like it either. Once and for all put an end to the large annual hajcihőknek want, when everybody happy except him. Cindy, the smallest of the family, however, think it is not appropriate to the things you love to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas alone spends so inviting themselves to lunch. After the scandalous guest walking in on a one-Grincs steal Christmas.

Coyote Ugly

Violet (Piper Perabo) dreams to become a star. Guitar in hand, singing her own songs you want to avoid the spotlight, so moving to New York. But it does not shortness, so work in a pub, where she worked for five. Gradually he realizes that the Coyote Ugly found what he was looking for. This pub is a special place because: Only women work, the guests, of course, only men who come to the private numbers of girls in their rage, forgetting about the world while pounding music. Five beautiful girls in New York lying and they do not hesitate to take what they require at their feet.

The Perfect Storm

Captain Billy Tyne (George Clooney) convened swordfish hunting crew. Do you know that October is the time at any time turn bad, but big cuts in the hope of booty. The five of us to follow him, the two young hősszerelmes, Bobby and Bugsy, a recently divorced Murph, Alfred, a taciturn Jamaican and unsympathetic man. After the first failure in dangerous waters venture into the captain. However, after a successful fishing equipment to stay ahead of the ship. Before consist difficult decision: either sail in the storm, and lose or waiting for their prey.

Hollow Man

Sebastian Caine, brilliant minds of scientists commissioned by the Government develops invisibility serum. Animal studies the success of drunken reckless manner Caine himself try the drug. However, the calculation goes wrong: the process becomes irreversible. Caine, the “man without a shadow” and his staff, Linda and Matthew try to neutralize the effect of the serum. But the invisible scientist who megalomaniac tendencies of his mind heated, megmámorosodik his power, so much so that since then nothing can stop by vicious.

Me, Myself & Irene

Charlie (Jim Carrey), gentle as a lamb, a rival, Hank (Jim Carrey), however, vindictive, perverted pig. In fact, the two men are one and the same. The Rhodes Island police patrol schizophrenic split in two halves wants the same thing. Irene (Renee Zellweger) is different desires: the Mafia. He just did not want to ask, but cut off his hands. She flees only help the two friends who, when their love warn, each trying to knock out of the saddle.

Final Destination

Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) feel that there is something wrong, it is not yet boarded the flight to Paris 180. Sitting on the machine, the attacker moments before takeoff vision, and clearly is played in front of him as the plane explodes. By now you know that something terrible is going to happen. Panic trying classmates leterelni the plane. To Alex and his partner can avoid the whole mess will be shipped from the machine. A frustrated and angry group of desperate watches as the plane takes off, then suddenly changing in a huge tűzgolyóvá explode.

The Whole Nine Yards

Nicholas “Oz” Oseransky (Matthew Perry) is a bona fide, but nerd dentist who is money hungry, frivolous wife, Sophie (Rosanna Arquette) is able to fire yet, and it is known that the woman nevertheless that it can lie, sometimes even unrecognized force. Ozeki everyday lives completely upsets the arrival of a new neighbor who is none other than the infamous assassin, Jimmy (Bruce Willis). Oseransky accidentally gets involved with the mafia showdown case. The fibers are completely entangled, because Sophie wants to kill Oz, Jimmy wants to stand Gogolakon Janni (Kevin Pollak) revenge, who was hunting for Jimmy’s head. Oz tranquility, well of course Jimmy his wife, Cynthia (Natasha Henstridge), but as we all know, even the good neighbors do not share everything.

Big Momma’s House

Malcolm Turner recently reported off the far eastern Mafia, and you later missions leave on such a hot situation, but even he never had. The fact that his opponent brutal bank robber, not picking up. That goal should be to move to a wanted criminal bride under one roof, we enjoyed straight. If we are to take this disguise, he even agrees. But a two-hundred-kilo grandma impersonate whose body than just your mouth is greater, because even he sits in the stomach.

Mission to Mars

The expedition to Mars one particular substance found on the surface of the red planet in 2020. However, a sudden outbreak of the storm sweeps by. Expedition starts the only survivors to rescue. Head of Woody Blake, the members of the Blake’s wife, Terri, navigator Phil and Jim McConnell, the first designated team leader, who ultimately did not start the trip due to the death of his wife. After losing a lot of problems and one of their comrades on Mars find the survivors, who said that the strange substance is actually a huge statue, which signals. Once you can unlock them get into the interior of the statue, which surpasses every expectation.

Scream 3

The Scream 3, film the movie in the Hollywood scene, the Stab 3 – Return Woodsboróba filming of the movie. Sidney University of Windsor has been made to live in seclusion in Northern California forest in a secluded, but is still haunted by her dead mother’s picture. One day he calls him a murderer who woodsborói film about the horrors taking again the victims of the shooting, leaving their side picture of Sidney’s mother. Sidney travels to Hollywood, but it appears Gale Weathers, a successful television reporter as an expert in Woodsboro and old love affair Dewey Riley, who made a film technical advisor. Stab 3 The scene we are all faced with the actors playing them, and the question of the killer based on “scenario” guess who will be the next victim.

Red Planet

2055th The Earth is slowly running out of food reserves, so a class scientists and experts sent an expedition to Mars to try to find suitable sustenance there for humanity. The foreign environment and closeness with everybody brings out the most hidden qualities.

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

The wise fat, or rather plump Professor wise Sherman Klump falls in love with his colleague into the DNA expert gained a great reputation for beautiful Denise Gaines-on, by the way, is – perhaps of love heat – discovered an agent that stops and reverses the aging process. Unfortunately it turns up on the scene Sherman leaner, but more unpleasant alter ego, Buddy Love, who stirs things down a bit, but fortunately in time turns the event into the other Klump, so there is hope that things rázódnak place.

The Eddie Murphy Show. Sometime in the mid-80s this concept is meant to be the most popular black comedian independent paródiaestjével. Stand-up comedy, that is a personal, story-telling ancient ridicule. The real master was Eddie who incredibly well recognized in a completely different character, and made it all without masks and costumes. Actually, this number became world famous, not least because of the legendary TV show is on Saturday Night Live. Then came the movies, where the macho nagydumájú – usually a playboy or a detective – Murphy jópofizgatott.

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