Our favourite movies in 2002

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

Ten years have passed since the events narrated in the previous section. Count Dooku’s mysterious (Christopher Lee), led solar systems leave the Galactic Republic, while a handful of Jedi Knight is not enough to maintain peace and order. Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) is opposed to the establishment of the army, so try and set aside. The council has a bodyguard beside Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor), his pupil, the young Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) is entrusted with the task. While they’re hiding away from further attacks, Obi-Wan investigates the assassin. A distant planet with special secret emerge: a clone factory is preparing something that decide the outcome of the impending civil war.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter summer vacation is not the best ones. On top of all this, that sees Dobby, a house elf to warn him in great danger of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Professional walls. Harry and Ron miss the Hogwarts Express, which would take them back to school, so you drive to the airport to avoid elkéssenek beginning of the new school year. Harry soon finds himself once again in the focus of attention because there are new fans at the school, including the anti-Black Magic League professor, Gilderoy Lockhart. Lockhart strangely there is more and more frequently in the company of Harry. But even Lockhart is able to stop new and ever more evil power that threatens the school.


A spider bite not the world. Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire), the world flips upside kétballábas student journalist but when you bite into a mutant spider during a class trip to a laboratory. Then the guy getting weirder experience capabilities Private: You can easily walk on the ceiling around the wrist sticky pókszálat shoot out, and realizes the dangers long before they occur. What initially seems the game will soon become a terrible and exciting obligation. Peter has to deal with the superhuman evil Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) and will require endorsement by the beautiful Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) love.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Soon it will decide the fate of Middle-earth: the power of evil is growing, because an alliance with the two tower of Barad-flat major, Sauron, the Dark Lord is waiting Orthanc, and that Saruman, the traitorous sorcerer’s fortress. Frodo, heading for the ring bearer and his faithful friend Sam land of Mordor to throw the burden of the fire: yet another threat they face – pop Gollum, who calls himself the treasure. Meanwhile, the alliance is still living members of the leadership of dirt mixed in recent fights. In addition to grappling and Riders of Rohan lovers will find strange allies: the Ents. Shadow is cast upon the world. The march toward the Dark Lord’s armies of Gondor. War of the Ring begins.

Minority Report

The future will be more peaceful. At least in America, where a special police unit is being telepathic abilities help unveil three before each murder has been committed. The police, the media can help you see into the future, with the evidence collected in advance, and exploring them in front of the court and on the spot, even before the arrest of the criminal offense.

The system is perfect. But once a company commander, John Anderton (Tom Cruise), he begins to doubt. No wonder: according to the report because he will commit a murder within 36 hours. Victims do not know, do not know where or why you kill the stranger. Others, of course, ran after him to prevent the murder. He flees to help you investigate more time, wrong to the prophets, or they are right and he is indeed police officers will soon be a criminal.

Reign of Fire

Quinn 12 years old when one of the tunnels of the London Underground witnessed the awakening of the Dragon. He manages to escape from the depths, but her mother did not survive the encounter. Twenty years later, the Earth is abandoned, burned, ruined wasteland. Dragons proliferated and stronger than man. Only a handful of survivors remained, but they were not fighting. Deep caves, abandoned forests hiding. Quinn (Christian Bale) has been the leader of this little community: an abandoned castle to try to resist the attacks, renewable, and its main objective is to save the lives of their children. But from the unpopulated highlands special guests arrive. Dragon Slayer. Van Zan (Matthew McConaughey) and his men entered the fight. Quinn plays to survive, they want to drive away, but soon realizes he has to fight.

The Bourne Identity

An Italian fishing boat’s crew went to half-dead man out of the sea. The alien is suffering from amnesia and bullets outside a hip and planted a Swiss bank account number on the back of had nothing. You do not know who he was or where he came from, but soon betrays an exceptional talent for self-defense in martial arts and languages. This is eloquently past dangerous cells. Our hero is exhausted, confused and begin to find out who he really is and how it drifted into such danger. The contents of the safe deposit box in Zurich, if possible, even more than the history is disturbing: a passport, a bulging wad, automatic pistols and a name: Jason Bourne and next to a Paris address. What this means, for the Bourne Identity. No one knows, however, regularly recognize him, but it seems that is not the way jóakaróiba bump-way side. Increasing paranoia is entirely appropriate, indeed chase him, in fact, broken lives.

Resident Evil

Something terrible is lurking in the Hive, a vast underground genetic pilot plant, where the deadly virus from hitting your head. In response, the Red Queen – that the hives are managing huge supercomputer – with a tight circuit to prevent escape of the virus. With this measure, while all the trapped worker is condemned to death. Alice and Rain responsibility to their fellow commando headed by isolating the virus, the team soon discovers, however, that the workers actually do not really dead. They are now the insatiable appetites, not predator-Dead who are prowling the hive.

The Ring

Just another urban legend appeared – a video cassette which are nightmarish images, and when you look at the phone rings and someone says that you die seven days later. Kelle journalist Rachel, of course, skeptical about the story, until four teenagers died at the same time – exactly one week after they viewed the video. Rachel overcomes investigative curiosity, he pounced upon the matter, researching and look at the tape. And the phone rang. Rachel desperation boyfriend, Noah asks for help to save her son’s life and his own. Exactly seven days in which to decipher “the circle” mystery.
produced remake of one of Japan’s biggest blockbuster of the kind of horror movie that you never forget the one who dares to look at. But be careful, because if you look carefully you seven days …

Red Dragon

Will Graham, the great detective he had left the FBI because it was almost catch Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant madman in his life. Now, years later, however, when a series of particularly horrible murders terrorizes the public, Graham reluctantly willing to return from exile and voluntarily assist in the case. But soon he discovers that the infamous serial killer known as Tooth Fairy should try to capture the killer brain to think. To do this, you should fürkésznie is another killer’s mind, which is equally brilliant – and for the same patient. Graham, this means that it has to face his past and ancient enemy, the currently imprisoned Lecter.

Die Another Day

James Bond is the most popular secret agent for 40 years, not in vain. The twentieth anniversary film could have caused disappointment and even by many as one of the best episodes of the series. The 007 (Pierce Brosnan) about the events taking place rapidly. Bond acsarkodásokban time between North and South Korea to participate. The bandit is available in all northerners, Zao (Rick Yune) captures. When Bond swears revenge against his release. Next it is against the mandate of a mysterious billionaire Gustav Graves (Toby Stephens), whose big plans for the subjugation of the world. Two lady Bond complicate things: Jinx (Halle Berry), a beautiful diamond smuggler and disturbing Miranda Frost (Rosamund Pike). London Korea and Cuba through the intricate threads lead back.

Panic Room

The newly divorced Meg Altman (Jodie Foster) and her daughter, Sarah (Kristen Stewart) is a massive, four-story New York apartment moves. The property has a secret, unused premises, a panic room, which is protected by concrete walls and armored doors, and is equipped with all necessary means to survive. A former resident of the house, was built to serve as a refuge against burglars. The deserted, perceived as safe room will soon be of good service to the bastards, one night when three men break into the house.

The Transporter

The supplier lonely man. The pros are always lonely. A fortress-like house edge when called, appears super car, flawlessly, time, home delivery, which will be entrusted with, then elporzik. I never ask, you never want to know more than you have, you never make a mistake. We strictly abide by its own rules.

Not once, however, make an exception. Then multiply repents. He opens one of the assigned package: Of course, because I really banging the trunk of his car. In the bag with a stitched mouth, beautiful Chinese girl found. With heavy hearts delivers the same, but when soon precious car also explodes, returning to the recipient and does something never before: save the mail, and even her persuasion he even tries out who wants to kill them and why. The next day the ruins of her house, she escapes, she is still beautiful, more and more lies. Full Throttle spin on events.

Ice Age

Sid, the Uptown, bumbling Paleolithic sloth miss the warmer climate of the Ice Age, leaving his fellow front. Fortunately for him against the bar of Manfredda, a loner, mamuttal grim. It clings to the reassuring big animal that he was left alone to find it a embercsemetére together after some adversity. Manfred and Sid decide after serious discussions to return the child to his family. Along the way, is not just a philanthropic, they are joined by Diego, the saber-toothed tiger as well.

The Scorpion King

The legendary Egyptian warrior inspired by the film takes place 5,000 years ago, the notorious city of Gomorrah, where an evil ruler is determined to wipe out all of the desert nomads. The few remaining tribes who have never been allies, they must unite or perish. Knowing their enemy relies on the vision of a wizard, a professional hired killer Mathayust (The Rock) to take away from the foot of the seer. Having penetrated into the enemy camp, Mathayus discovers that the wizard is actually a beautiful woman. Rather than kill him, he will bring you into the depths of the desert, knowing that the ruling henchmen are trying at all costs to rescue and returned. The battle was seriously injured Mathayusnak must summon the strength to the Allies ragtag team Gomorrah lead to a final confrontation.

Blade II

The invincible enemy of vampires, Blade (Wesley Snipes) is forced alliance with the blood suckers when a newer, more terrifying species threatened with extinction in the food chain below them resistant species, that is all. The Dark Council recommended an alliance with the vampire hunter and he accepted the job after a brief hesitation. Újratoborozza old team with their weapons and undergo special against a specific enemy. The bloodbath was quite idyllic in comparison to fight in store for them.

Men in Black II

Special Agent J (Will Smith) begins to investigate a seemingly routine task case. An extraterrestrial killed another alien. No big deal, right already occurred such families as well. But during the investigation J is a vicious crime ties in behind which Sereena (Lara Flynn Boyle), the evil kylothiai creatures and headed, but even so half-witted fellow, that fellow, Scrat and Charlie (Johnnny Knoxville) is or are. In addition, Sereena dashing-looking lingerie fashion model disguises itself. The only one who can help, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), who has previously been canceled for security reasons, all memory, and is now threatening another government employee organization: postman.

We Were Soldiers

A US helicopter assault elite corps of 400 soldiers of Colonel Hal Moore (Mel Gibson) is led by North Vietnam Halálvölgyébe where a bloody battle made the vietkongokkal. Their commander just promises them he will step out of the helicopter for the first time and if it’s worth, he would be the last person to revert to the machine. The vast landlocked Americans will soon be outnumbered confronted, he must realize, can only rely on themselves. Some of them are closely familiar with the war, but most of them are now undergoing a baptism of fire. They all fight, and they were all waiting for someone at home for their country: a wife, child, parent, brother. Just as the enemy.

Ghost Ship

In 1962, Antonia disappeared Graz Italian luxury ship finds an expedition to the icy Bering Sea. Ferriman Jack (Desmond Harrington) is a Canadian pilot was organized by the mentőexpedíciót who once saw the runaway boat, but disappeared over the years from prying eyes. The Arctic Warrior crew is happy to successful action, because under the law of the sea found a derelict boat in international waters far as the finder. However, it must tow the boat harbor. The first indications are that there is no any living being on the boat. However, the researchers captivate the hull and getting weirder things happen. The experienced sailors imagination and nerves can test the horror awaiting them.

Phone Booth

A street telephone rings, Stu (Colin Farrell) picks up and almost dies. Because a sniper call, one of the windows of the surrounding high-rise buildings was aimed at him. Long time hunting for the man, he knows everything about it, he knows his wife, his lover, his secrets and desires. He wants to talk to the man’s sins: rewards and punishes. precisely target and kill without hesitation. He did not make the phone just waiting and responding. Do you want to survive in this call; tricked you want sniping mind. Meanwhile, the police arrive, their leader, Ed (Forest Whitaker) begins to negotiate with the man, but he did not make the handset even when dozens of policemen nailed onto the gun.

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