Our favourite movies in 2004

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Joel (Jim Carrey) stunned to discover that his girlfriend Clementine (Kate Winslet) kitöröltette memories of their tumultuous relationship erased. In desperation, he also will contact the inventor of the process, Dr. Howard Mierzwiakkal (Tom Wilkinson), to kitöröltesse her own memory. But as Joel’s memories progressively disappear, he begins it again for the sake Clementine. Deconstructing the hidden recesses of a deep forces at work that are trying to prevent the success of the procedure. As Dr. Mierzwiak et al (Kirsten Dunst, Mark Ruffalo, Elijah Wood), practiced almost Joel is carried their memories through the maze, it becomes clear that Joel just can not Clementine out of his mind.


The ancient Hellas perhaps best known for lovers of literature – Parisz, Prince of Troy (Orlando Bloom) and Helen, princess of Sparta (Diane Kruger) – innocent encounter of big war breaks out, which will cause ruin an entire civilization. Parisz elszereti and kidnaps Helen Of her husband, King Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson), and this can not be left without retaliation. And who violate Menelaus, his brother is in violation, Mycenae mighty king, Agamemnon (Brian Cox), who promptly call to battle the Greek armies to march against Troy and recover Helen, his brother’s honor. Agamemnon comes in handy is the case, because long-phenylene endless greed of the teeth Ilionra if Troy takes his full Aegean Sea and strengthens his power over the already vast empire. Ilion, the walled city, which King Priam (Peter O’Toole) and his son directed the great Prince Hector (Eric Bana), protected by a citadel that no army has ever taken could not. Troy to win or fail, the only choices people make a difference: manage to win the war, Achilles (Brad Pitt), the ancient world’s most powerful and most respected military leader? Achilles autonomous, rebellious and invulnerable to the rumor that did not succumb to anyone and anything, just fighting for his own glory. an insatiable appetite for the eternal fame takes him to march under the banner of Agamemnon Troy over – but he will love that determines his fate. Two civilizations will clash for honor and power. Thousands will fall in the struggle for glory. And all the people will disappear from the face of the earth – for love.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry persuades himself that even spend an awful summer with relatives. All endeavors to try to stay calm, but only to endure to restrain himself until he comes to visit Uncle Vernon overbearing sister, Aunt Marge. The old lady, this time more than ever on his nerves go, so the wizard seedlings changed gigantic lufivá “accidentally”. illegal use of magic-magic world of Harry threatened punishment, although he has no place to go, run away from home at night. It does not get too far: it will soon come to the Stray Grimbusz, which takes you to the Leaky Cauldron inn, in front of Cornelius Fudge Minister of Magic straight color management. Oddly enough, the penalty is canceled and it turns out that Fudge was not fooling out of school because of a dangerous and enigmatic wizard, Sirius Black has escaped Azkaban prison and is likely looking for Harry. The boy’s only one place feel safe: Hogwarts.

The Bourne Supremacy

Two years ago, Jason Bourne thought he managed to escape from the past. Despite disappeared together with your loved one in the eyes of the world, for many people is to see him dead. The couple lives in the village hiding when an agent shows up. They flee, leaving everything behind, but Marie falls victim to his pursuers. His former employer, the Agency’s men are in the same footsteps of Bourne as the pay of mafia assassins, the chase Thus there continues where it left off long ago. The situation changed in that the agent is driven by personal revenge.

Kill Bill 2

The bride carried out by two former partner, will continue its campaign of revenge. The death list Budd and Elle follows. After settle his account with his brother Bill and Elle, who was the main rival within the assassin composed team, he goes to Mexico to find the last victim of his hiding place. There is only one goal in sight: to kill Bill, the former boss and lover, the child of his father. Meanwhile, it turns out that her daughter, who was pregnant at the time of the massacre, and he thought he was dead, but alive.

Million Dollar Baby

During his career, Frankie Dunn, a number of fantastic fighters trained and managed. The main teachings that guided his life, the key is to always protect yourself. How long estranged from her daughter, Frankie for a long time would not let anyone close to him. Only friend toot, a former boxer who keeps order Frankie’s gym and knows that gruff exterior covers a man who almost every day went to Mass in the last 23 years, in search of forgiveness, which is somehow not given to him. Then one day, Maggie Fitzgerald walks into the gym.
Maggie never got much out of nowhere, but it is something that only few have: he knows what he wants and is willing to do anything for it. His life is a constant struggle, that raw talent, kizökkenthetetlen amazing concentration and willpower can survive. But more than anything longs for someone to believe in him. Frankie has in no way lacking this kind of responsibility – not to mention the risk. Communicate with Maggie raw, hard truth: she is too old for boxing, he is not exercising women. But the “no” does not mean anything if the people have no choice. Maggie is not willing or able to give up his dream life, so every day he drives into the gym and encourages toot alone. Frankie eventually succumb to Maggie’s determination, and reluctantly accepts the teachings of.
Master and pupil of where you are exhausted, where you inspire each other and realize that they share a fighting spirit that will overcome past pains and losses. They find in each other the kind of family ties, which have so long lost. I just do not know that they will soon have to face a struggle to which more spirit and courage will be needed than ever with anything.


What would you do in order to save your life? Prepare for a journey of terror idegborzoló darkest depths. A deranged sadistic serial killer obsessed with the victims of the value of life wants to teach you to rob a morally sound people and force them to play creepy, whose stake in their own lives. The victims are both unable to cope with decision-making situations faced in order to regain his life, or otherwise die in his effort into.

The Butterfly Effect

According to the butterfly effect theory, a butterfly fluttered its wings in Beijing can generate up to a tornado in America. In our world everything is connected, everything we do is fundamentally change the future. It is terrible to imagine what would happen if someone would be able to change our past – this would have incalculable consequences for our present. Evan Trebor countless times as a child lost consciousness, the various stages of his life only dark spots in his memory. When he was conscious, he kept a diary, and now, as an adult to try to remember the past, a diary will help him in this. While Evan slowly discovers his own past, he realizes that a special endowment is held: the ability to travel through time! So to return to the past to re-create some faux pas, she sent an impasse beloved friends. But when he returns to the present, you realize that small changes in the past is not improved the situation, but may cause even more problems in the present.

Der Untergang

Berlin April 1945th One of the people waiting for the fall. The streets of the capital ruthless struggle. Hitler’s military leadership and some of his supporters entrenched themselves in leadership bunker. The situation of the Empire of the Red Army’s advance becomes increasingly hopeless. The bombings continued in constant fear and danger is considered the city’s desperate population.

While the streets of despair rages, complete destruction of Hitler’s Third Reich experiencing in the bunker walls. Although it is impossible to keep Berlin, leaving the Führer objected to the covert – as architect Albert Speer “wants to be on stage when the curtain rolling down.” It had only a few hours before marrying Eva Braun committed suicide in front of their public. The end is inevitably approaching, Hitler everything worked out to the last detail: when she and her lover died, their bodies will be burned to the imperial court of chancery, lest the carcasses reach enemy hands.

The Russians are demanding unconditional surrender, so his supporters are loyal, following the example of their leader, several people opt for voluntary death rather than waiting for them to torturous his disgrace. The bunker itself is also a tightening Magda Goebbels poisons all six children, along with her husband and put an end to his life. Shortly after Hitler’s personal secretary, Traudl Jüngere enduring to the end, and even some people manage to escape at the last moment in the bunker, and pass through the Russians ostromgyűrűjén.

The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ film shows the life of Jesus of Nazareth last twelve hours. The film’s opening scene of the Mount of Olives at the foot of the garden of Gethsemane takes place where Jesus retreat to pray after the Last Supper. Jesus resists Satan’s temptations. Because of Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of Jesus is captured and taken back to within the city walls of Jerusalem where the Pharisees confront charges of blasphemy death sentence and the negotiation ends.

They led Jesus to Pilate, the Roman Governor of Palestine, who listens to the accusations against him Pharisees. Recognizing that political conflict has been facing, Herod, Pilate let the case. Herod returns Jesus to Pilate, who presents a choice between Jesus and Barabbas, the criminal crowd. The crowd decides to release Barabbas and Jesus’ condemnation …

Jesus handed over to the sign of the cross and refused to take them through the streets of Jerusalem, up to Calvary. the Mount Calvary of Jesus nailed to the cross and faces the last temptation: the fear that his father left him. He manages to overcome the fear, Mary, Holy Mother of look and say the words that only he understand it all the way “. It is finished” Then he dies: “into your hands of my soul.” – It sounds. Death is nature at the time of mourning, “the earth will start, cracking the rock.”

Man on Fire

Kidnapping wave is sweeping Mexico. John Creasy (Denzel Washington), a former CIA agent accepts the persuasion of his friend Samuel Ramos (Marc Anthony) tycoon child, a nine-year Lupitaa (Dakota Fanning) to protect. Creasy great difficulty befriends a little girl, but despite all the efforts of kidnap Lupita away from him, and he almost dies. After an exchange screwed up action by the police to forego the little girl. The girl’s mother, Lisa (Radha Mitchell) continues to trust Creasy and asks you to release your daughter.

Spider-Man 2

Two years have passed since Peter Parker quiet (Tobey Maguire) has left the love, Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) and undertook responsibility for the superhero existence. Peter faces many new difficulties, while seeking to create a balance between the two lives – hardworking college student by day, superhero by night takes on the role of himself.

Those people who are most important for Peter, are all at risk from the moment that the conflict will be the evil Doc Ockkal. Peter becomes more difficult to endure without Mary Jane, do you feel stronger and more that double life and put an end to secrecy. Meanwhile, M. J. He has moved on and live his life: play-act and he is in his life. Peter’s best friend Harry Osborn (James Franco) in Spider-Man still want revenge because he holds responsible for his father’s death.

Peter’s life becomes even more complicated also by the need to fight against Dr. Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina). You need all over the ability of nature to stop the insane criminals.

50 First Dates

Henry lives in the paradise of Hawaii bored playboys my life. One morning, however, meets the pretty Lucy, who has a great sense of humor, charming smile and palacsintájából tale just build a house on his plate. In a word, absolutely infatuated with her. All superbly converted, but the next day it turns out that Lucy remembers nothing of the merry randiból as short-term memory in a car accident irreparably damaged. So Henry has no choice: every day nekiveselkedik again to conquer Lucy.

Meet the Fockers

Four years ago, the audience could see, as Greg Beckur lose your luggage during a single course of the weekend, setting fire to the garden, little is discarded while too far water volleyball, color of a cat and a lie test falls through, notably Jack Byrnes courtesy – who is none other than his girlfriend his father, who turns out to not deal with rare flowers, but also ex-CIA agent, and rare tough guy. It was the Meet the Parents, the explosive hit comedy, which is mowed more than $ 300 million worldwide. Now, Greg finally got into the Circle of Trust, and all goes well. Fiancée, Pam excitedly planned the wedding, and there was only one incuri-pincuri little thing missing road leading to the altar: the future father-in-laws are supposed to spend a weekend together. So Greg and Jack Byrnes family brand new (bullet-proof body and turbo-charged two-inch Plexiglas) residential car Beckur depart the Island, Bernie and Roz Beckur realm. The next 48 hours of the bride and groom’s parents will have the opportunity to get to know each other. Things are going very well, and Jack realizes it, that the lawyer and doctor Greg presented who were, in fact, a liberal stay-at-home dad and a senior specializing in sex-therapist. There’s also a bit of a fiasco caravan slozijával, an overly enthusiastic football game, a secret hiding Cuban food suppliers, as well as the little incident with the baby and glue.

The Chronicles of Riddick

Dark times are over the universe. The army of righteous Halálkufárok off the planets line. The method is simple: to be attacked or surrendered to them or die. When all hope seems lost, a handful of survivors to flee myths, which reveals that there is a force that can stop the evil. But even legends can be wrong, good from evil is not always an effective antidote. According to the predictions of the ultimate fate of all dependent on one Fúriától clash. This is none other than the exiled Riddick, who is the focus of a large-scale fight against his will.

Shrek 2

After the defeat of the fire-breathing dragon and the evil Lord Farquaad Shrek, the green murderous fists, everyone’s favorite ogre again faced with life’s toughest nuts: he shall agree in-law and mother-of. After the honeymoon Shrek and Fiona’s parents invite her waiting for the kingdom of Far and Away. Felkerekednek then scrape away the useless donkey to step out in front of the cheering crowd, only to Far and Away no one knows that the princess magic megtörtével changed a bit differently. Harold, the king certainly otherwise imagined her daughter’s future – and yours too. And here enters into the picture Jótündér powerful magic, the “glamorous” Prince Charming, of course its legendary assassin, Puss in Boots.

Ocean’s Twelve

Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his gang of elite burglar robbery of the century amasses 160 milligrams Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) casino around. The team members then try to return to the right path, but it proves to be almost as serious a challenge as the robbery itself. When one of the company lebuktatja Benedict, ending tranquility. The owner wants the money – with interest. There’s nothing else, the team needs to raise money again. The terrain this time the old continent, where three European cities at the same time want Las Vegas overstated blame implemented. Meanwhile, Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) ex-girlfriend, Europol agent Isabel Lahiri is (Catherine Zeta-Jones) hunts them.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

The ravaged Raccoon City in the heart of people not yet infected a small group, including Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) and Carlos Oliveira (Oded Fehr), the team leader of the struggle for their lives. Yet another death threat also face: one trial as a result of genetic mutation of the Licker, faster and above all things wicked. Apparently, the luck had abandoned them, their stocks were exhausted when Alice (Milla Jovovich) to pop up again.

AVP: Alien vs. Predator

Of particular structure by found under the ice of Antarctica. The billionaire industrialist Charles Bishop Weyland led by scientists and experts team will start hidden beneath a layer of ice detection of an ancient pyramid. However, the seemingly exciting adventure versenyfutássá terrible shape when it turns out that the pyramid of two extraterrestrial races clash of millennial scene. The Predators bizarre initiation ceremony Alien offspring of prey, while the role of the Alien provender necessary for the development of the people are filled. The war of the human species can only be a loser.

Shark Tale

Oscar small fish in a big pond, in his right mind just at the mouth of acting quickly, and while the Bálnamosóban toil “vakardhalként” dreams that one day will catch the goldfish and posted on the Chorale summit of the rich and famous in Hungary. And one day actually falls into his lap no, not a fortune, but a great white shark’s body, and our hero finds himself, that he was Oscar the Cápaölő. So it was that the little fish feeds the big fish, just the rub is that the victim was the feared Great White Chief, Don Lino’s son. And to whom one bite of the fish world.

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