Our favourite movies in 2006

The Departed

The most talented young Irish mob members for acceptance to the Massachusetts Rendőrakadémiára. It was given the task to be perfect cop, get higher and higher rank on the board itself and the meaning of every real client. Yet another young police officer receives a similar task: he must sign in Boston powerful bűnszövetkezetébe that there possibly be anywhere near the Godfather. The two well-built man doing his job. Both of them are beginning to suspect that the opponent also has a spy in their vicinity: exposing whichever is sooner on the other spies, it might ultimately be left alive.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

The perfumer Jean-Baptiste Grenouille was (Ben Whishaw), a woman sentenced to death for the death of thirteen. The young Grenouille unable to contact the site’s sense of smell is so sophisticated that any ingredient can distinguish one fragrance. This causes the downfall of tragedy and women. Due to an unfortunate accident when she enchants a beautiful smell, accidentally killing him. Grenouille any desire to smell the scent again, and so it goes to the very end.

Step up

Difficult guy Tyler Gage, a devil dance floor. Foster parents live, most of the time to spend with friends on the street. After a night of trouble ends up in juvenile court, where work is considered public. As for cleaning shall serve his sentence in the arts high school where friends randalíroztak. The boy meets Nora here. The dancing girl discovers Tyler instinctive, almost acrobatic dance knowledge. So when Leser dance partner, and the chances of exam performance, Nora arrange to have Tyler into place. The dance and Nora help light up the possibility of a new life in front of Tyler.

Rocky Balboa

It was a legend. Now he lived peacefully in Philadelphia, a small restaurant owner and rarely think about the old glory. lives alone with her son relationship is not good, his wife has been buried many years ago. But when the opportunity presents itself, it decides once again to show the world that is still capable of the impossible. Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) again stands in the spotlight and challenge the world heavyweight champion, Mason “The Line” Dixon (Antonio Tarver). Fifty years of the last, lonely and poor. Is there a chance? Of course not. And he, of course, but try to help his son (Milo Ventimiglia) since learned that it is impossible to enterprises in the most beautiful and exciting – and most dangerous as well.

Casino Roayle

First mission starts James Bond, the British secret service agent 007. Its mission is to be held poker game in Montenegro at Le Casino Royale in defeat terrorists price for the bank. Le Chiffre because millions belong to the principal of, and the huge pincer wants to regain the money supply pókerpartin. Bond is initially annoyed that the beautiful Vesper Lynd in the person of overseer is appointed by side. But after Le Chiffre and jointly survive the assassin of assassination series, he falls in love with her, and this leads to complications that forever transform their lives.

Blood Diamond

Solomon (Djimon Hounsou), who is separated from their families and were forced to work in the diamond fields, one day special gem is found, we risked his life to hide that money from him save his family. Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio), the exzsoldos aware of the treasure and joins next Mady Bowen (Jennifer Connelly), journalist mediation of Solomon in the hope that a successful sale of the treasures she can act well and finally leave Africa. The fate of two people fatally intertwined with the life-threatening business.

The Devil Wears Prada

Miranda Priestly in the fashion most powerful mistress, whose manicured hands of dread in the New York fashion industry who will not tolerate anybody on the way if the plans of construction is a question of keeping the “fashion bible”, Runway Magazine, its staff under perfect control megkeserítve life completely. Miranda’s new colleague, Andy Sachs, a newly graduated college student did not fit the profile of gray, featureless, the exact opposite of working in the company díváknak. When you log in to the editorial, shocked to realize that the work, which appeared not a matter of determination and sense of purpose.

The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Captain Jack Sparrow once again gather supernatural pirates in trouble: It is apparent that because of the blood of an old contract is still the legendary Davy Jones, the Flying Dutchman ghost ship named captain of debt. Jack must settle the debt as quickly as possible, otherwise the eternal curse and condemned to servitude. And if all this were not enough, the master fails, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann Miss wedding because Zyryan. In fact, they are also forced to accompany Sparrow in the great adventure that can easily last a lifetime adventure.

The Da Vinci Code

The renowned American scholar Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), currently located in Paris, when the Louvre is murdered curator. The police is confident that Langdon could help unravel the mystery. However, the experts will soon be a scientist suspects and forced to flee with the victim’s inscrutable granddaughter, Sophie (Audrey Tautou). Soon they realize that two secret church company, the brothers Sion and Opus Dei since centuries of struggle mixed into it.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

The particular shape of Borat, the Kazakh media world, the country’s Ministry of Communications commissioned documentary filming in America. Travels the continent-sized country, meet ordinary people and getting to know local attractions. That issues relating to race, religion and sexual identity scandal, embarrassed and scared to death in America, not in the slightest interested. After more than a special reporter in addition to filming at all costs wants to meet Pamela Anderson.

Inside Man

The mysterious Dalton invents the perfect bank robbery plan and bold action in dropping dozens of people hostage inside the building. Frazier, a tough detective gets the task to negotiate with the ingenious criminal. As the dangerous cat-and-mouse game begins to unfold, Frazier suspicious, in that case, maybe not all is as it seems. In addition to the pop scene Madaline representing the higher interests who unpredictability has further complicated the already explosive situation.

Smokin’ Aces

Grew up in Hamiskártyások, gamblers and gangsters Buddy Israel, whom everyone knows only as “Ace”. At the age of twenty-one had known figure in Las Vegas, keresztapákkal cimborált and he was the main attraction at casinos. However, the glory went to his head and he decided to stand on its own feet: earned a reputation in show business marrying the world of sin. Deadly enemy force able to do mob boss Primo Sparazza. A million-dollar bounty on his head fire, with news of psychopaths and assassins line starts to hunt down the table.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Sean Boswell real outsider, indomitable competitor illegal night-speed chase glowing underworld. But when it’s hot on the ground beneath the tires, a military officer stationed in Tokyo, his father forced to move to escape from the prison. The foreign country and then the more you feel an outsider among the unusual and unfamiliar customs laws. It does not take much time to once again free HD when another American guy Twinkie introduces him to the world of drift racing is prohibited. So far, simple drag races will replace the gumicsikorgatós, kisodródós genre, in which the acceleration and skid delicate balance to be perfected to develop a hair-raising hairpins and serpentines. Sean’s first race of the drift king accidentally call out who is connected to the Japanese mafia, the Jakuzával. The high price of defeat is Sean will be forced to work in a criminal organization.


There are some who directs his life and of whom you control life – as the saying goes. The only exception is Michael Newman. A mysterious inventor because bestows the universal remote control, which is owned by six walks back and forth in time, can slow down the oncoming women, and when it gets too noisy seem to temporarily turn off the children. however, no reason for complacency: there was no more remote in the world that would not have taken over control after a while. And from then on Michael more vulnerable than ever. The stakes are his family, his wife and his relationship with his children.

Mission Impossible 3

Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt, aka the super agent and his team a third time to return to the theaters to see two hours of fun treat to the audience. The danger this time is a mysterious and extremely dangerous villain who threatens the world is not mainly – but Hunt freshly betrothed, delightfully charming bride. The mission is therefore not only impossible, but also personal, the conditions are much more deadly than usual.

X-Men: The Last Stand

The help of Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) mutants learn to control and use their skills for a good cause. Now, however, they are at a crossroads: the special ability to retain or give up their endowments and integrate into society. developed by the government to eliminate drug másságukat, in fact, the destruction of the target. Wolf (Hugh Jackman), Cyclone (Halle Berry), Rogue (Anna Paquin) and other mutants find out the truth, but by then all hell breaks loose.

Night at the Museum

Once it freezes up again with new brilliant idea of Larry, before the great dreamer, Christmas is forced to look for work. The Natural History Museum joins a night guard. Already in the first part of the night is an amazing experience: horrified to see that the museum, all hell breaks loose when the prehistoric monsters, beasts and historical figures come to life one after the other. The chaotic night but the former president, Theodore Roosevelt using able to survive. But the opportunity to get fired from his job and disappoint her son, multiplies his strength. Larry starts a fight to save the museum.

The Hills Have Eyes

An average American family’s car Average Average outings California. But this tour is completely different develops as planned. Their car breaks down somewhere in the middle of a desert. The surrounding mountains are a person (or persons) watched. People who have been really waiting for them. Another bit average family’s estate nor wrong. Our hosts are very fond of the guests: raw or cooked alike. The human flesh hungry people clash with those who wanted an innocent outing.


Galbatorix (John Malkovich) performs some of his companions, the mighty, magical Dragon Riders judge, and subdue Alagaesiát. But even living in a small village a descendant of the dragon riders order. The young Eragon (Ed Speleers) and the last dragon, Saphira a great fighter, Brom (Jeremy Irons) to start the fight to defeat the evil king and wizard, Durzát (Robert Carlyle).

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