Our favourite movies in 2012

The Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher decided, after a long time, gets rid of his clothes late husband. It is important for this day, and he chooses the clothes, megrohanják memories. The Conservative candidate for 1959 came in the lower house. In 1970, he became Minister for Education and Science Edward Heath’s government. Five years later, he leads the Conservative Party. Due to a strong stance against Communism At that time, beginning as emlegetni Iron Lady. Then, in 1979, led by the Conservatives win the election and he will be Britain’s first female prime minister.

The Ides of March

The idealistic Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling) is working on a campaign. Everything that makes up that Governor Mike Morris (George Clooney) power assist because Morris is a presidential candidate for breakthrough ideas that can change the course of politics. Stephen strongest period of the campaign fails: set a trap for him, mixed with a scandal that made impossible. The key to survival: a double game.

Underworld: Awakening

Selena woman vampire warrior, and Michael relations of a baby girl was born. However, they can not enjoy their happiness, because people are captured in the trace loved ones are lost. Selena is only twelve years later manages to escape from captivity. You realize that people are becoming aware of the existence of vampires and werewolves, and now both species who want to destroy. He learns that his daughter experimental subjects used a new mutant species kitenyésztéséhez, whose members can be counted once and for all the vampires.

The Woman in Black

Arthur Kipps, a young London lawyer’s wife died four years ago, it is still unable to process the loss. The new mandate of the remote village of Gifford calls Crythin where she should lay out a probate case. Kipps is forced to foster trust her small son and travel to the moors. Locals receive a rejection was merely wealthy landowner Sam Daily behave in a friendly way. Kipps move into the house of his late client to safely work with. Soon it turns out that the ancient residence hides a dark, spooky secrets.

Chronicle (Az erő krónikája)

Andrew, Matt and Steve are like the rest of high school. In fact, the average adolescents so that they have never done anything worth mentioning. During a party at night, however, everything changes, something that is in their hands, which might not have come from Earth. Soon they find themselves on that special abilities gained. While become stronger in their power telekinetic ability to move objects, they perceive each other’s emotions. Initially, it fascinates them, but it turns out to be fraught with danger as well.

Django Unchained

Southern America two years before the Civil War. professional bounty hunter tracking a strange methods (Christoph Waltz) to a slave (Jamie Foxx) achieves great success and gratitude frees Django. But the partners stay together in search of the black man’s wife (Kerry Washington), who was last seen in a slave market. The trail eventually led them to a plantation, its owner (Leonardo DiCaprio) slaves – trainer for help – gladiátorküzdelemre an off against each other. The head hunters manage to get into the estate, but is not sure that it can get from the landlord faithful servant (Samuel L. Jackson) will be suspicious, and adventurers are trapped. They must decide whether to sacrifice for the survival or whether the more important for them.

The Dark Knight Rises

Eight years have passed since then, and after a terrible night in Batman vanished without a trace. Harvey Dent has undertaken a public prosecutor all their transgressions, and hősből been hunted criminal. However, self-sacrifice was not in vain: thanks to the Dent-law has become a peaceful Gotham city. Temporarily. The city appears macskajelmezes a burglar who hides dark secrets; Bane arrives and also wearing a special mask, unscrupulous criminals. Bruce Wayne treasured solitude does not last forever, the city once again needs the Dark Knight. But despite the cape and the mask seems invincible Bane.

The Avengers

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), the head of the Agency’s new threat is detected. The opponent ever greater threat to Earth. Fury avoid the disaster convene the super heroes. The recruitment will be quickly never seen a super team staring at the enemy. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and leave the rest to fight to prevent the destruction of our planet. Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), uncontrollable alter ego, Hulk, however, disrupt almost everything.

The Hunger Games

In the future, we, the ruins of Panem where North America’s twelve districts of the country is located. Every year all the districts of the Capitol selects a boy and girl a twelve-eighteen years of age, who are required to take part in the Hunger Games. The ongoing fight to the death broadcast live on television. The sixteen year old Katniss Everdeen lives alone with his mother and sister in the Twelfth Region. When his sister win the lottery, Katniss volunteers instead of a war, this is tantamount to a death sentence. But Katniss is not the first time staring at death – for the survival part of everyday life. If you want to win, you need to make decisions where life instinct eyes of humanity, of life and of love.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

We are sixty years before The Lord of the Rings story begins. The peacefully lived Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) involuntary adventure is forced: Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen) appears out of nowhere, and organizes it into an unexpected journey, thirteen dwarf and its legendary leader Oakenshield Thorin need visszakövetelniük the Lost Kingdom Smurf with which the Erebor the dreaded dragon, Smaug. Leads to a host of dangerous journeys through the land, they meet goblins, orcs, deadly vargokkal, óriáspókokkal, shape changers and magicians. And though their ultimate goal east of the surrounding countryside desolate Lonely Mountain, first must escape the goblin tunnels, where Bilbo meets with the being who will forever change his life – Gollum. Here on the shores of an underground lake, the only Gollum, the humble Bilbo not only to realize that courage and astuteness even she herself was surprised at the same time becomes obsessed Gollum’s “precious odor,” the mysterious ring that is unpredictable and useful properties. A small gold ring that will affect the fate of the whole of Middle Earth, Bilbo and which then can anything yet.


Scientists memories popping alien civilization on Earth. Following the guidance of the ancient symbols of the Prometheus spacecraft dispatched to the remote corners of the universe to find answers to the fundamental questions of humanity. The crew led by two scientists. Shaw religious faith the guiding principle wants to meet with the gods, Holloway is driven by a sense of adventure. But none of them are prepared for the horror that awaits them on the planet. Ruthless enemy encounter, clash stake in the future of the human race.

21 Jump Street

Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) is only recently finished the police academy, and the cops are not the best reputation. Together elbaltázott after their cases are given only one chance. to sit in the pew back to grammar school-threatening drug dealer gang expose. The problem is that the high school had not at all like they were a few years ago. This time, Schmidt comes to popularity while Jenko astonishment, he finds himself among the geek losers. The war begins in the school’s corridors.

Hotel Transylvania

Count Dracula’s five-star luxury mansion in horrible monsters can relax unwind. The vampire prince organized a weekend party treasured, celebrating the 118th birthday of the little girl. This invites a terrible Kompaniet, the head of Frankensteinnel and his fiancee, a mummy, the invisible man, and a pack of werewolf. The ceremony takes blood, a good mood, until weird things happen: the castle is wrong is a real, live person! In addition, young, cool, and they like Dracula’s daughter.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

Bella (Kristen Stewart) once gave her daughter, Renesmee’s birth, strengthened and new skills possessed vampire recovers. He finally consummated what you always wanted: Edward as a vampire can live the life side. However, their happiness is about to confuse the Volturi council, who say the Cullens sinned against vampire law. They believe that Bella and Edward (Robert Pattinson) after the child was immortal, supernatural abilities birth, so the child must die.
The Volturi were waiting for this excellent alaklomra only to board the Cullens forever showdown. Edward Jacob (Taylor Lautner) gather allies at his side to fight with the Volturikkal the decisive last great battle, where not only his family, but also the vampires and werewolves fate is at stake.


007 23 times longer undertake the impossible to save the world and the British crown. Daniel Craig James Bond’s tuxedo for the third hiding. When M (Judi Dench) past the dark specter emerges, Bond’s loyalty should also be a test. The 007 set to work to track down and destroy the threat, even if he himself is paying a heavy price for it. Bond’s latest work goes wrong, and dozens of agents revealed the identity of the world; MI6 headquarters is attacked, the M’s have to migrate the entire agency. The boss standing in the crossfire of attacks remains the only ally of Bond. Without the 007 appearance – only one operational agent, Eve (Naomie Harris) help – comes from the mysterious Silva (Javier Bardem), followed hoped to shed light on the man’s deep secret, sinister motives.

Cloud Atlas

The lives and deeds affect each other. Through them connected with the past, present and future, and ultimately everything is connected. The souls wander through space and time, up in the sky with clouds. But are we directing our fate, or some external force is happening? Six story unfolds between 1849 and 2321, passionate intervening against slavery, tribal level dropped after the apocalypse humanity is reset.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Peter Parker as a child lost his parents, his grandparents were raised. A lonely teen want to find yourself, and you want to win the friendship of Gwen. When Peter finds his father’s old briefcase, he finds it strange secrets. to track down and keep the fibers father’s former business partner. The scientist gyíkkivonattal special treats himself, but becomes monster. Peter can not but begin to use special abilities to defeat as Spider-Man. Following Steve Ditko and Stan Lee comic.


The Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane special, original humor for the first cinema film csillogtatja it, both as a writer and director. The live actors and computer animation combines comedy is about John Bennett who had grown up as a man forced to deal with beloved teddy bear who came to life as a result of a childhood wish and still lives there beside him.

Project X

Ready to party! Three graduating high school he decided to organize the city’s biggest party ever, and to their surprise, their plans come true. The party is growing, is getting wilder and beszippant everything and everyone who gets near it. Crazy music, fantastic atmosphere and uninhibited jokes: the year’s wildest comedy definitely a feel everyone is doing the endless partying.

Life of Pi

Pi Patel lives in no way ordinary. A French swimming baths got its name. The father is zoo Pondicherry. At the age of fourteen will be unfaithful to his roots to simultaneously try to be Christian, Muslim and Hindu. And spend 227 days in a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger named Richard alone with Parker.

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