Which movies filled the cinemas in 2014


The legendary director of secretive new sci-fi Jerold you already know the full celebrity is involved, and it takes place among the stars. Scientists have discovered a worm hole in space, and a group of adventurers set out on a discovery is to cross all the boundaries that had been believed áthághatatlannak: to move beyond space and time.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Capital expelled from school, survives without work, live and live life to the troubled mother’s apartment. When autólopásért is framed, phone calls received in coin after the death of his father. It can also bring him to the jail impeccable manners, and elegant British spy Harry Hart, who at the time of the boy’s father saved my life. Harry stumbles guy lifestyle, but impressed with the boy’s talent and intelligence, and therefore offer him a loan to log in with a real James Bond carved out of it.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The adventurer Peter Quill steals a mysterious orb which you are applying interplanetary domination Ronan as well. The principal evil, therefore, launch manhunt after him. Quill while trying to escape a forced alliance with four specific shape: Rockettel, Groottal, Gamorával and Draxszal. The heavily armed raccoon in a tree resembling living beings, a dangerous assassin woman and destruction are the guardians of the Galaxy. Quill discovers that the mysterious sphere which power is and how much danger for the universe.

John Wick

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) wants a quiet life. Lonely wants to spend his days: dog, sports car, empty apartment just cold enough for him – there is no need for more. But a retired assassin can not relax. And when hurt, he did not remain idle. It takes a long time concealed weapons and set off a bloody expedition of revenge. No man is fighting thugs and assassins whole army of New York and become a real battleground. And the crazy, bloody battle yet clear who will win the legion killers are the lone warrior. After all, he is John Wick.

The Imitation Game

One of the most influential, yet perhaps the least-known hero of the Second World War, the tragic Alan Turing, who can be today without that it would look quite different in Europe and the world map. A brilliant mathematician, born in 1912, is revered today as one of the fathers of modern computer science. During World War II he worked and had a key role in the German Enigma cipher machines more signs of deciphering slicer center at Bletchley Park in British colleague. This shortened by at least two years is estimated to be the second world war and helped defeat the Germans. The whole operation taking place in secret anyway no one knew until the seventies. This fact could be a sad symbol of Turing’s life because of his homosexuality hidden way of life had to continue, in Britain because of the same-sex attraction this time is still treated as a disease. In 1952, he revealed the prison and had to choose, or between hormone therapy. 1954 found him dead, and it is still not known, it has become a victim of suicide bombings.

Gone Girl

Nick and Amy is the fifth wedding anniversary. Rich and happy, but on the eve of the feast of the wife disappears. Soon it turns out that the seemingly happy couple’s life was full of scary, dark secrets. Of course, everyone suspects that Nick is in the hands of thing, in addition to the lies and strange behavior diverts himself with even more suspicion of the cops and the media. Despite asserting his innocence, only her twin sister, Margo confident.

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Rigg Thomson was once one of the most popular stars, who played with great success in the iconic comic book hero. Today, however, the star thing of the past, forgotten, pushed to the edge of the track. The Broadway was given a chance to take advantage of trying to recover her self-esteem: visszakapaszkodjon the top, and the return of the audience. He directed his own plays, and the main role is shared by himself. While the big comeback made Rigg thousands of problems to face.

The Maze Runner

Thomas wakes up in an elevator, and apart from the name you can not remember anything. The door is too strange world awaits. 60 boys who live in isolation, in their isolated universe, and the only thing they learn the tricks of survival. They are not surprised by the new arrivals: someone always comes once a month. Their world is surrounded by a maze. Anyone who tries to escape – and there are many such – are ottvesznek. These rules, which do not change and can not be changed. Yet something is transformed. A mysterious message causes some guy thinks there’s hope for revolt. Even if you have no idea who should rebel against, and how much risk are trying to face.

The Theory of Everything

In 1963, the renowned Cambridge University Stephen Hawking, cosmologist the young man strode passes through science and determination to find a “simple and convincing explanation” of the universe. My world also opens up when you head over heels in love with a liberal arts girl, Jane Wilde into. But after an unfortunate accident that healthy, active young people aged 21 to face a shocking diagnosis: motor neuron attacked his limbs and capabilities, which will gradually be limited speech and movement of, and it will die within two years. Jane’s love, support and unwavering determination and the couple marries. His new wife at his side Stephen refuses to acknowledge the diagnosis. Jane encourages Stephen to finish his doctorate, which is the subject of the first theory of the origin of the universe. To start a family, and newly acquired doctorate and is widely celebrated Armed Stephen embark on the most ambitious scientific work, whose subject is so little of which was given to him: time. While the body is getting tighter limits, the spirit transcend the boundaries of theoretical physics.


In April 1945, a few weeks after the II. Before World War the Allies increasingly suppresses the enemy troops in the European theater. Here, in the midst of Nazi Germany, stationed at Don Collier Sergeant (Brad Pitt), nicknamed Wardaddy and his team. The German Empire around the end. The soldiers are on the verge végkimerültség, the last breaths are struggling to stay alive, and the reconquest of areas occupied by the Germans. In this exhaustive, but hopeful period connected to the young novice, Norman (Logan Lerman) Wardaddy four-person crew who migrate with their Sherman tank type against enemy troops outnumbered in. A desperate young soldier completely unfamiliar terrain both in the battlefield, as well as the called Rage, a huge tank deck. The tank-hardened, experienced commander, Wardaddy takes under his wing a boy to teach him all that it can survive the horrors of war, and be inserted in the well-knit team (Shia LaBeouf, Michael Pena, Jon Bernthal). The five-man crew is aware that not many chances left hundreds of people against the German army. But trusting Tanka protective power of combat experience their faith and trust in each other, fierce attack.


Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley) in the not too distant lives in Chicago, where society is divided into five groups, each with a cultivation of virtue required by its members. People have realized that the world is not waged war for political ideology or religious beliefs, but the bad tendency inherent in the personality blame. The group aims to wipe out the qualities of people that may give rise to another conflict. a certain day of the year, the 16-year-olds have to decide where they want to tarozni the brave, the Őszintékhez the Önfeláldozókhoz of friendly sites, or operations. The only decision that will forever change their destiny.

Beatrice faces a unique capability in the examination: the degrading one of those who does not belong to any group. In a world dominated by rules, however, it is the most dangerous thing that can happen to a young person, if it transpires, is synonymous with death. During several weeks of initiation of a number of fears and weaknesses to face a young girl, he must conceal his true identity. When he discovers that the Elfajzottakat who want to permanently eliminated, or a deed devote yourself to surprise everyone.

American Sniper

War is horrible. Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), the great master of horror. Texas child he went with his father to hunt after September 2001 was felt in his country needed him. He became a Marine commando, and Iraq has become mesterlövésszé: fought on the front lines, but he was always alone; kilometer distances as well as close combat, is a gun in his hand. The Pentagon, according to the documentation for the 150 enemy soldiers. No wonder it was called “a Shaitan,” the devil. However, the war did not triumph: the film is not only the victories, but also the horrific ordeal, rate sessions and also about the death of comrades.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

The mutants are living among us. This was true in the past, and will continue to do so. Up is not in that order. war between the alternate future of mutants and humans, another chapter of presenting the film in the X-Men movies, both generations of plays: multiple, intersecting horizon hardly in a history professor Xaiver disciples, not only for the people and the people have to deal with the eternal enemy sighted mutants – now robots They are sown them. A lot of mutants and the only goal of many is the fight: you have made in the future to prevent a catastrophe. But this is possible only in one way: you must change the past.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Two years after the battle with New Yorker Captain America, Steve Rogers that lives in Washington and is trying to adapt to the challenges of the modern world. However, when the S.H.I.E.L.D. one of his colleagues attacked, he finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy threatening the world. Ally, the black widow comes along with the pursuit of truth, while the army of assassins try to catch them. Falcon also soon join them, but so is all strengths will be required to settle accounts ellenfelükkel.


Two years after the battle with New Yorker Captain America, Steve Rogers that lives in Washington and is trying to adapt to the challenges of the modern world. However, when the S.H.I.E.L.D. one of his colleagues attacked, he finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy threatening the world. Ally, the black widow comes along with the pursuit of truth, while the army of assassins try to catch them. Falcon also soon join them, but so is all strengths will be required to settle accounts ellenfelükkel.

Edge of Tomorrow

Bill Cage (Tom Cruise), a soldier, but so far escaped the threat – is one of humanity came from outer space, ruthless race waging a long, bitter war. When suddenly they will be deployed, he is wrong equipment, will start into battle with little experience and did not last long: fast and ferocious die a hero’s death. Then he rises and starts to fight back. And again, and again, and again. Direct contact with extraterrestrial time loop brought in, and he forced a number of times to live through the same hell of a fight, so that they remain at the bottom again. But the chances of getting better. When he shows up next to a specially trained soldiers (Emily Blunt), it is still on, it is possible to save not only themselves, but also the whole world.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Bilbo Baggins and his friends back to their homes conquered Smaug. The angry dragon attacked by revenge Tóváros. The treasure recovered from drunk Thorin Oakenshield betray his friends. Meanwhile, boil Sauron’s terrible plan: the army of orcs road starts against the Lonely Mountain. The dwarves, elves, and people will soon face the choice: unite or perish. Bilbo finds himself in the middle of the gigantic Battle of Five Armies, in which the fate of Middle-earth is at stake. The final part of The Hobbit trilogy.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

After Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) a second time survived the Hunger Games, the district must begin a new life 13. Although difficult to process and Peeta previous home loss soon have a new, ever more important rulings forced. The rebels are now open revolt launched against the tyranny of the Capitol, which is connected to more and more areas. Katniss can give them hope for the revolution as the leader of, and this is exactly what President Snow (Donald Shuterland) matter. Soon it becomes obvious to everyone diabolical plan to Snow.

The Fault in Our Stars

The teenage Hazel and Gus are extremely similar to each other, and even more different from their peers. The two teenagers as the major cancer self-help groups get to know each other. Her inseparable companion of a small oxygen tank in tow, the guy had to amputate his leg. Hazel and Gus nevertheless wants to achieve a full life, just as the other teenagers. However, her love for one another quite new, strange trips plunge them.

The Giver

In a perfect world where there is no war, pain, suffering, the young Jonas also receive a lifetime task of the council of elders. However, during the time spent with his mentor you realize how much everyone has to pay the price for this colorless peace. The memories guardian of the young stray from the designated path disregarding the rules and does what he thinks is right.

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