The Surprise (De Surprise), 2015

Jacob, a billionaire in Belgium is so bored, that he wants to kill himself. His every attempt is interrupted by the staff of his huge mansion, so he has to hire some professionals to do the dirty job. Then he meets the beautiful Anne.

Georgina Verbaan is cute as always. She acts Anne, who enchants Jacob (Jeroen van Koningsbrugge) at the first sight. The role of the bored, cool-headed and always decent Jacob van Zuylen de With suits Koningsbrugge very well. The chemistry works perfectly between him and Verbaan. I hope they will work together again.

What makes this film so lovely? It takes one minute to realize that Jacob wants to die. Another one minute later you are looking for a chance to hinder his attempts. Why? Well, you see a bored billionaire… isn’t it hateful? No, it isn’t. When you see a unobtrusive, even more like meek man who is lost in his own infantile, yet serious life, you will like him. And when you see him finding a woman who makes him change his mind, that will completely whirl you.

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